High Five for Friday

Friday is finally here.  I felt like it took forever for my favorite day of the week to come upon on us again.  Linking up with the always lovely Lauren.

Let's get right to it, shall we?

1. I could not get over Emma in her overalls.  I kept taking pictures of her all day, and I don't think she was too impressed with the iphone being shoved in her space.  Get use to it sweetie pie.  For Halloween Max wants Emma to be Agnes from Despicable Me and he'll be a purple minion.

2. Max started school and he now wants to pick out his outfits for the day.  If I even suggest a shirt...it's just a bad idea so I don't do it.  He's loving school and comes home talking about the words he's learned that start with the letter L (letter of the week).

3. The husband got a promotion at work, which was super exciting for us.  We celebrated with some bubbly, which mine went directly into orange juice because straight up bubbly is not my idea of yumminess.  Mimosas are in fact yummy.

4. Did you hear, did you hear? Gilmore Girls is coming to Netflix, and that's the best news ever.  I love GG and have talked about it quite a bit here.  I know my Dad is excited about this because he just loves how much Rory and Lorelai talk and talk. (By loves I mean totally does not love!) Binge watching episodes of Stars Hollow are in your future Dad!

5. Emma discovered how to take selfies, and take selfies she did.

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  1. Love that your dad loves gilmore girls! So cute!

    1. He doesn't! Haha! It drives him nuts how much they talk!

  2. love love love Gilmore Girls!
    Emma and her overalls plus the little bun.. so cute
    My toddler went through one of those phases too.. wear he picked.. argh.. we are thankfully over it now.. we just wear what is at the top of the pile. freshly laundered shirts go to the bottom of the pile.