High Five for Friday

TGIF!! Never have I loved Fridays so much.  Let's jump to some of my favorite moments of the week.

1. I love watching the relationship between Max and Emma grow. They sit by each other and have little conversations.  Max does most of the talking and Emma will say the occasional 'yes!' or 'that!'.

2. Max's play date with his friend when we made cookies. I love H's mom and having adult conversations during the day is always nice! 

3. Fall tv shows are back! Happy dance! I'm most excited about Parenthood. It's the final season and I'm sure I'll cry every episode! #TeamBraverman

4. We have rain!! I've totally missed it and was happy when I woke up to the pouring rain. Then I had to take 3 kids out in the glorious rain....not so glorious. I love the rain, but with 3 kids it was a terrible. Guess I better get use to it, and buy the kid some rainboots. How we've lived here for over a year and i still haven't bought the kids rain boots/coat I'll never know. 

5. It hasn't happened yet, but Max's trike-a-thon! It's tomorrow and Max is so excited!! It's been a daily conversation and a sleep countdown until the fun event! We're all excited about it, and I hope it lives up to our excitement. It's either going to be super amazingly fun or a big fat fail. 

Happy Friday!!
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  1. Double yes for PARENTHOOD! Love this show! So sad its the final season!

    1. I know!! I dislike when really great shows end!