Our Weekend

How fast weekends come and go, especially when you're having fun.  

College football was on. All day. I'm not one who really gets that into college football, but nonetheless I will watch with the husband. The kiddos and I also went on a 2 mile walk and stopped at a little park to play. You had to know a park would be involved at some point this weekend. 

Max also got some bike riding in. He's so cute and taking riding his bike very seriously. 

Emma was able to sit back, relax with Cookie Monster and enjoy a wagon ride. She was all smiles at first with her friend. 

Then she dangled him over the wagon and their friendship was over. 

Football. That is all. 

Thank goodness the Steelers won. Sorry Browns fans. Just kidding, I'm not. :) 

Max starts prek tomorrow! Big day for us all! Hope your weekend has been great!


  1. cute pics!! Good luck with preschool!

    1. It went great! No tears by anyone!