Sunday Funday

Friday: started off with a modeling session with Emma. 

She can work the camera, and has the poses of all the fashion bloggers down. 

When Ian got home we jumped in the car and headed to West Seattle to watch the sunset. We saw a food truck on the way and stopped and got some food for the view. 

Emma and I took selfies while Ian waited on the food and Max took a nappy. 

Saturday: We went to the mall and let the kiddos play in the playarea which really is like a kid version of hunger games.  Kids are running every where, kids trying to get on the play structures, pushing the younger ones out of the way to get to one of three slides.  Emma was pushed by a bigger kid and fell while crawling around the boat. She cried and I told the kid in a mean mom voice to be careful! What's the point in having the dumb stork picture saying if you're under this height you can play and all the big kids are at least 6 and obviously way taller. Really parents? 

After the chaos we went on a nice drive and wound up at a cute park by the lake. There was a beach area where we let the kiddos play in the sand. 

Emma was fearless and would have gone fully clothed into the water. 

Max made a sandcastle and wrote his name in the sand. 

Sunday: We ventured out to the Ballard Sunday Farmers Market.  I loved it! So much goodness all around.  We left with corn, fresh mini donuts, beautiful flowers, and a poem.  

I let Emma and Max try my green goddess juice and they did not like it at all. The looks of disgust were awesome. 

Now we wait for the SNF game, and hope for a better outcome than last week....

How's your weekend going? Do you hit up the farmers market in your area? 

**I thought I posted this last night but apparently I didn't.  Steelers won so everyone is happy!**


  1. So cute! What a fun weekend! Ps love Emma's purple shirt!

    1. Thanks! I think it's Osh Kosh. Your weekend looked fun!!