Weekend Fun

Hey Monday! No case of the Mondays here. I'm no longer nannying for the time being and it's been such a great day! More about that later.

Our weekend:

Friday I caught Emma relaxing in the tent. She's teething (it's never ending) and she chews on everything. 

My sweet and thoughtful friend, Jessi, sent me some beautiful flowers. Brightened my day!

Trike-a-thon day! As we were leaving we saw some deer cross the street. Bambi!

The trike-a-thon was cute. Max had so much fun riding in a circle over and over again. Emma loved the rice crispy treat I bought her and that kept her happy.  

Max made a license plate for his bike, washed it, and fixed it up at the pit stop. The smiles from him were nonstop. 


Our morning started off with "nuggles" and chocolate chip pancakes. 

Emma went on a picture spree with my phone. 

We went to Ian's first hockey game of the season. Emma tasted her first pop tart. It was love. 

"I wave at Daddy. Why he not say hi to me?" Yeah Ian, why?

Today we went to story time at the library. So many one year olds at one place. Party people, those kids. 

Bubbles make kids go cray cray. 

On Mondays we wear stripes. 

How was your weekend? 


  1. Beautiful flowers and your kiddos are too cute!