Weekend Recap

I was so optimistic about taking the kids to the Sounders game. Really, I think I was crazy thinking we were going to have fun. 

Rewind to Friday. Max fell and hurt his elbow. A magic bandaid was needed to help his elbow. He would not bend his arm and was whiny about it hurting. 

Back to the game. It was raining out so I had to put his hoodie on. We get it on and the damn bandaid stuck to his hoodie. Meltdown one.  I'm wearing Emma and we get into the stadium. Max usually wants to get his hair did and get tatted out. Not the case because the magic bandaid ruined all the fun. 

He did kick the soccer ball 3 times before we made it up to our seats.  We get up to our level and go on the hunt for fries in a cup. We were sent to 3 different places before we found what we wanted. I'm still wearing Emma, holding Max's hand, carrying a tray with our goodies. I also bought a water and they take off the cap. Why, I don't know. I think it's stupid because it makes life more difficult for me. Just give me the cap so I don't spill my million dollar water walking down the steps. 

We finally get to our seats and both kids lasted no more than 5 minutes. 5 flippin minutes. Emma wanted to run free. I totally don't blame her, but row W was not the best place to run like a wild child. Max was upset with the nonsticking bandaid that is a piece of crap and it can't do the one thing it's suppose to do. Stick to his arm and let him think the magic is making his elbow better. Geez!

I text Ian and tell him I was crazy thinking this was going to be fun. I put Emma back in the ergo and she's not having it. She bitch slapped me. I almost lost it at that point, but there's 38,000 Sounders fans surrounding me, so I kept my cool and walked out of the stadium into the rain that I was excited about, but pissed me off even more at that moment. 

I got asked twice if I was sure I wanted to leave because I cannot come back in. I was like, " Sir, my daughter bitch slapped me, his bandaid is ruining our life, and I'm crazy to think we can watch the game. So yeah I'm sure we're leaving."

We get to the car and in about 2.5 minutes, both kids are asleep. Yeah. 

After the Sounders game when all was okay in all the land. We took the kids to burn up some of their never ending energy. 

We watched some college football. 

Then we braved the outlets to do some shopping. Again we were crazy. Other people were crazy. It was just chaos. We left, hands full and not looking back. 

We had a movie night and watched Draft Day. Loved it. Watch it, I think you'll love it too. 


We went to the park. Duh. 

I went and watched If I Stay and enjoyed every moment. Well the movie is sad, but I love going to the movies by myself.  If you're going to watch that movie, read the book so you're not shocked by the end. People were gasping and up in arms. Read. The. Book. 

Now, here we are at 9:30 in the pm. Both kiddos are sleeping in their room, the husband is sleeping (long day of golf), and I'm wide awake. Max has "Meet the Teacher" tomorrow. I have mixed emotions. I'm happy/excited because I know he's so happy/excited. I'm also a second away from crying because when did my baby boy turn 4 and ready to start pre-k?  I'm going to go cry a river and end this novel. 

Hope your Labor Day weekend was a good one. 

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