High Five for Friday

This week was a good one.  We had fun, and we are so ready for the fun to be had today. 

Favorite moments from this festive week:

1.  We carved a pumpkin.  I sat Emma on the table to help me out.  She stuck her hand in the pumpkin, pulled out some "guts", and ate it! I was so grossed out, and I thought she would be grossed out, but she's full of surprises. 

2. My handsome little guy got a haircut, and he made my heart melt into a puddle. 

3. Oh hi, selfie. I dyed my hair this week, which needs a high five of it's own, because I hadn't dyed it in forever.  

4. Max had a dentist bright and early this morning.  It was pouring rain, and by the time we were in the door we were a soaked mommy, Optimus, and Bumblebee.  Emma and Max were a hit with the grown ups in the office.  I was apparently the only crazy mom her dressed her kids up so early, but it made the dentist visit even more fun.  Max did awesome, and no cavities!!

5. Happy Halloween to you!  I hope you have a festive day, and eats lots of great candy.  We are going to have fun, even if it rains all day. 

Digit card c/o LollyLand Designs

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Yesterday we took Max to open skate so he could practice his skating skills.  The kid seriously impresses me each time he gets on the ice.  He not only stood up by himself, but he skated a short distance to Ian all by himself!  We got him one of those little pusher things and that helped a little.  Emma had way more fun with it off the ice.

She finds fun in just about anything. Mittens = FUN

I don't think I'll ever get over the cuteness of him on the ice. 

Do I look like Shane Doan?

Why does Max have trouble pushing this? It's so easy!

Today was Max's prek Halloween party.  They sent home a note about what costumes are acceptable to wear.  His Optimus Prime costume didn't make the cut, so he went as a Steelers football player.  Naturally.  

Olaf!!!  This made Max and Emma's day.  Emma told him, "I uv youuuu." Her first time saying it, and it's to Olaf.  Lucky snowman. 

We entertain ourselves in the car while we wait for Max. 

When I dropped Max off at school I would say about 95% of the kids were wearing costumes that were not acceptable.  Max could have totally worn his Optimus Prime costume, but this Mommy follows directions.  Maybe next time I won't.  Oh who am I kidding, I so will, but it was annoying.  Okay, I'm over it now.   

Can you believe that October is 2 days away from being over?  Some days feel long, but I can't get over how quick years are going by!


The Facts

Emma Facts
  •  Her favorite things to say at the moment: Ewwww, when she touches something she doesn't like.  Owwww, when she falls down, gets chased by Max, or just for fun.  Noooooo, when you are down right making her mad.   
  • When she gets really mad, which is quite often because life for a 1 year old is tough always, she runs around ready to destroy anything in her path. It's funny, but not because I don't want her to think this behavior is okay.  
  • She also told me, "No poop!" when I asked her if she needed a diaper change.  
  • She gets super excited when she sees food, like squealing and clapping her hands excited.  
  • She loves music, and will bust out dancing no matter where we are, and it's the cutest thing ever! 
  • When she hands you something she says ever so sweetly, "Tank you."
Max Facts
  • He's phrase of the moment is "Why you take for long time?"  
  • He counts sleeps until school, H comes over, hockey, Halloween, and any important date to him.  
  • When it's windy he thinks there's going to be a nornado.  
  • When he tries to get Emma to come somewhere with him he'll say, "Emma, do you want milk?  Do you? Do you want milk?"  He knows the way to her heart.  
  • He is obsessed with Hook, which we watched on Netflix this past weekend with Brenda and Spence.  Since Saturday we've watched it about 5 times. 
  • He loves cheesy rollups and I make them for his lunch to take to school. 
  • When he plays football or hockey he run from the kitchen and announces the team he's playing for. "Introducing the Arizona Coyotes, Coyotes, Coyotes." Yes, with an echo. 

I hope your week is off to a great start.  I leave you with some more of their Halloween pictures.

What are you wearing Max??  Max?

Is that you Max?

This was when I told Emma to smile...forever throwing shade my way.  
I feel ya girl. 


Our Weekend

This weekend was a good one.  It's always a great time when we get to spend time with Brenda, Spencer and Sutton. The kiddos had so much fun playing together.  The guys had a guys night out, while Brenda and I had a girls night in.  Good times all around.  Of course I didn't take a single picture of fun had over the weekend. 

Max had hockey on Sunday.  The kid was so excited about it all week.  Sunday comes and he's still pretty excited.  We get there, and he gets on the ice.  He can stand up by himself!!! So much progress from last weeks class when he couldn't stand up at all.  His helmet was too night though, and he wanted nothing to do with practice.  Ian fixed his helmet, but it didn't matter.  He was done for the day.  Total bummer, because he was doing so good!

I couldn't get over seeing him stand up by himself.  How cute does he look? 

The coach was trying to tell Max how to push off to start skating, and Max was frozen in this position.  It's like he was standing, and he wasn't going to do anything to make him fall down! He also looks like he's ready for a face off! 

Dressing a girl is so much fun.  Emma's actually wearing her headband now, instead of taking it off immediately and throwing it down. 

She didn't realize it was Friday and all the fun she was going to have. That frown turned into a smile when Sutton came over! 

I'm excited for this week, and for Friday to get here.  Not only because it's Halloween, but a lovely friend from high school is coming for a visit with her son.  I can't wait! 


High Five for Friday

I'm so excited it's Friday! I think I say this every Friday, but today our friends get here for a visit. Yay! Also it's one day closer to Sunday, which is now my favorite day of the week.  Max's hockey practice is an hour of my heart wanting to explode from the cuteness.

On with it, shall we?

1. We sorted M&Ms for a Halloween treat we are going to make.  By sorting, I mean Max was sorting, and Emma and I were sneaking brown and red ones to eat.  Earlier this week Max came home from school and so sweetly told me, "Hey Mommy, did you know that chocolate is brown? Brown like poop!" I ignored this bit of information and he said, "Mommy! Did you heard me? Chocolate is brown like poop!" Oh, I heard you.  Insert cry laughing emoji here.

2. I had the kiddos try on their Halloween costumes. I needed to make sure they fit and no surprises that may have needed to be fixed before the big day.  I died over how cute Optimus and Bumblebee looked. 

Max has muscles I've never seen before! "I'm so strong Mommy!" 

Gahhh! She looks so cute!! 

Since trying them on Max has been practices his trick-or-treating skills. "Knock knock! Trick-or-treat ma'am! Thank youuuu!" I don't know where he got the ma'am from, but he's so proper. 

3. I finished painting the spice racks that will be book shelves!  FYI if you plan on doing this pinterest project, paint the pieces before putting them together.  It would have made my life so much easier.  You pinterest, you learn.  I put together and painted 10, not just the one you see.  Geez, life wouldn't have been that hard had I only did one.

4. We got a Halloween treat in the mail from my bff.  Max and Emma were so excited, so we had to hang our Halloween banner on the fireplace in the playroom. We miss Leslie and the girls so much.  Leslie has an Etsy shop, and it's seriously so cute.  She makes decoration packs for classrooms.  She adds new things to her shop often including Halloween photo cards, stationary, and party packs!  Click on over and check it out!!

5.  My lovely friend, Kali, shared some exciting news this week.  She has two beautiful twin girls, and they shared that they are expecting again. TWINS!!!  So I sent her a text message.....

OMG I was dying.  1) I blame my fat finger.  2) I could not stop laughing. Even now.  #textfail

Happy Friday friends!! Hope you had a great week, and even better weekend!

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Countdown of Sorts

Playing along with Erin.  Go read up!

Five things I'll be doing over the coming weekend:
1. Watching Ian play hockey.  Technically his game is tonight, but it's a good kick off to our weekend, right?

2. Spending the weekend with our sweet friends from Canada who we haven't seen in awhile. I love when our kids get together, and now that Emma is older it will be way cuter to watch them interact with each other.  

3. Halloween crafts will be happening this weekend, and we'll be snacking on these while we get out craft on.

4. Watching Max stand up on the ice.  Ian took him on Tuesday to get more practice in, and he stood up by himself!  I'm so bummed I missed it, but Emma and I took a trip to Stars Hollow and we liked it.  I can't wait for his hockey practice on Sunday!

5. Making a big pot of soup!  I'm not sure what kind of soup yet.  I have a date with Pinterest later.  Speaking of pinterest....

Four of my current favorite pins from Pinterest:


Three items that I really need or would really love to purchase:
1. Rain boots for the kids.  We've been in WA for over a year, it's pouring outside right now, and the kids still don't have rain boots.  #seattlemommyfail 
2. Peppermint coffee creamer.  Though I do enjoy all things pumpkin, PSL isn't at the top of my list. Gasp. I know. 

3. Finding a new book to read.  I saw Gone Girl, and it was so good.  Books are always better, but I don't know if I can read all that crazy. I get scared easily.  The one thing that drives Ian nuts. I say one thing, but I'm sure there's way more. Ha!

Two things that are bothering me:
1. The continuous chatter of working moms vs SAHM.  There are always people in the world who have to find something to cause an uproar about, and get people taking sides.  It's crazy. I think we can all agree that mothers just want what's best for their kids. If that means working, great.  If that means, staying at home with them, great.  How about we get in an uproar about parents/people that do bad things to kids.  Get angry about that.

2. Totally random, but it's Thursday which means Parenthood is on.  WHY for the love does someone need to die in their farewell season?  WHY?   

One quote that speaks straight to my soul right now:

Psalms 68:5 - Restoral: Issues in the classroom for grieving kids; blog post from 9/26/2013
Since my miscarriage it's been rough.  I take each day at a time.  I want to feel okay, and I need to realize that it's going to take time.  


Halloween Craft and Noncandy Treat Bags

Wednesdays and Saturdays I watch Max's friend, H. Now that it's the holidays I'm all about the crafts.  I think I've mentioned that a million times already.  Today I was searching Pinterest and found this cute countdown to Halloween.  You put a cottonball on the day that it is, and by the time it's Halloween you have a filled in fluffy white ghost.  Fun right?

Max's Halloween party is next week.  He can take goodies to his classmates, but absolutely no candy.  Target has a cute section of creepy, festive toys in their Halloween section.  All the items I bought were $1.  
Spider pop-ups/slap bracelets/glittery pencils (I couldn't find links to the other items, but
they are next to the spider pop ups)

Even these cool eyeball treat bags. 

Are your kiddos able to take candy to school for their Halloween party? I think I like the noncandy rule.  Max and Emma will get plenty when they go trick-or-treating! 


Hockey 1

Today was the day.  Max's first hockey 1 class.  Oh the excitement!!  We got there early, because dressing your kid in full hockey gear takes awhile.  Once Max was dressed he had to take some selfies with his proud Daddy. 

At first Max couldn't even walk on his skates without the help of Ian holding him.  He was holding onto the chair for dear life. 

I think Max thought once he hit the ice he was going to be skating like Shane Doan.  All week we had talked to him about falling down, and it being okay to fall, and to keep trying.  At first he was so frustrated because he couldn't stand up.  To see him so frustrated made me sad for him.  After a pep talk from us and his Coach, Max gave it another shot.  He continued to try his hardest to stand up on his own. They practiced holding their hockey sticks the correct way, and Max was a pro at that.  

By the end of practice, Max was walking by himself on his skates.  I was so proud of him for not giving up and trying his hardest.  Don't let his face fool you.  When he got off the ice he asked how many sleeps until next practice.  Max just saw this and said. "Oohhh I yook nice! I yook good, just like Shane Doan!"


A Glimpse

Not only have I been in a crafty mood, but I've been on a mission to get our rooms organized and decor hung on the walls.  The kiddos room is almost done.  I put together 10 Ikea spice racks that I intend to paint and hang as bookshelves. (Like everyone else in the world.)  Max also needs bedding, and their room will be 100% done.  Here's a glimpse of their room.

That darn lamp is going to be the death of me.  Max will climb on his bed and blow that whistle and scare the crap out of me.  Now Emma attempts to climb up and get in on the fun, which is only going to lead to her pulling the lamp down on her and her falling off the bed.  Fun stuff.

I found the wall art at Target, on clearance.  I love good finds!  I made the tissue paper ball thing.

Changing table no more.  Sad face. The tv for right now is just for show.  If Max had his way it would be plugged in and have his important tv channels: Disney, PBS and NHL center ice.

The start to our little gallery wall above our bed.  I want to add pictures of the kiddos.

When it comes to hanging stuff on the walls, I am so not that person who measures and marks.  I eyeball where I want things and hope it's straight.  I think that drives Ian nuts.  He's a measuring kind of guy.  

Once I've painted the spice racks/book shelves, and have them up I'll be sure to post full pictures of the kids' room! 


High Five for Friday

Here we are at my favorite day of the week. Well after Max's first hockey practice on Sunday that may change.  You know the drill

1. Emma and I went to Trader Joe's while Max was at school. We know how to have fun. I was on a mission to get Ezekiel bread, and came across these beauties.  I already love cookie butter, but cookies and creme cookie butter. So good people. Run and go buy some. 

2. Emma learned how to crawl up on the dining table chairs.  Dear Lord help me. I take her down repeatedly and 2.5 seconds later I find her life this. 

3. I started watching Max's bff, and the teacher in me is beyond excited to do holiday crafts with the kiddos. I think I'm more excited than them.  Our first craft were toilet paper roll monsters. 

4. The crafts continued. Martha better watch her back.  That sounded way more scary when I reread that. Just kidding Martha.  I decorated Max's side of the room and Emma's side has nothing, so I crafted it up. I also made some tissue paper ball things to hang in the corner of her side. What would I do without Pinterest??

5. I love seeing the colors of Fall. We went to the park and there's a road lined with trees with beautiful colors.  I heart Washington. 

I'm so ready for the weekend! Do you have any exciting plans?