A Glimpse

Not only have I been in a crafty mood, but I've been on a mission to get our rooms organized and decor hung on the walls.  The kiddos room is almost done.  I put together 10 Ikea spice racks that I intend to paint and hang as bookshelves. (Like everyone else in the world.)  Max also needs bedding, and their room will be 100% done.  Here's a glimpse of their room.

That darn lamp is going to be the death of me.  Max will climb on his bed and blow that whistle and scare the crap out of me.  Now Emma attempts to climb up and get in on the fun, which is only going to lead to her pulling the lamp down on her and her falling off the bed.  Fun stuff.

I found the wall art at Target, on clearance.  I love good finds!  I made the tissue paper ball thing.

Changing table no more.  Sad face. The tv for right now is just for show.  If Max had his way it would be plugged in and have his important tv channels: Disney, PBS and NHL center ice.

The start to our little gallery wall above our bed.  I want to add pictures of the kiddos.

When it comes to hanging stuff on the walls, I am so not that person who measures and marks.  I eyeball where I want things and hope it's straight.  I think that drives Ian nuts.  He's a measuring kind of guy.  

Once I've painted the spice racks/book shelves, and have them up I'll be sure to post full pictures of the kids' room! 


  1. I love the picture gallery above your bed, so cute! Wish we could do that, but our bed is against a window...the only logical place for it...boo!

    1. Thanks! I love it too! I'm so addicted to Pinterest so I love getting ideas from there!