Halloween Craft and Noncandy Treat Bags

Wednesdays and Saturdays I watch Max's friend, H. Now that it's the holidays I'm all about the crafts.  I think I've mentioned that a million times already.  Today I was searching Pinterest and found this cute countdown to Halloween.  You put a cottonball on the day that it is, and by the time it's Halloween you have a filled in fluffy white ghost.  Fun right?

Max's Halloween party is next week.  He can take goodies to his classmates, but absolutely no candy.  Target has a cute section of creepy, festive toys in their Halloween section.  All the items I bought were $1.  
Spider pop-ups/slap bracelets/glittery pencils (I couldn't find links to the other items, but
they are next to the spider pop ups)

Even these cool eyeball treat bags. 

Are your kiddos able to take candy to school for their Halloween party? I think I like the noncandy rule.  Max and Emma will get plenty when they go trick-or-treating! 


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    1. Thank you! Holidays are so much more fun with little ones!