High Five for Friday

This week flew by! So many great moments.  Let's get to it!

1. Max and Emma matching. I die. Max liked matching in their striped (stri-ped as he says) and Emma really couldn't care less. 

2. We hit up Target and saw this gem. The excitement on Max's face. I mean I couldn't not get it. We love llama llama. 

3. I made my very first wreath! I was quite happy with how it turned out, but the hanger holder thing doesn't fit on our door. Lame. So it only hung on our door for less than a minute. It's now hanging nside the house.  I will get all Martha Stewarty and figure out a way to display it!

4. Beautiful Fall weather calls for a trip to the park. We met Max's friend, H, and they played and played. So much fun. 

5. I haven't seen one of my bffs in over a year, and I get to see her today!! I'm so beyond excited. It's also my first trip solo. I've never been away from Emma and Max I was away from him once.  I'll probably cry into my Bloody Mary at the airport. 

Mamas how did you do on your first trip without your kiddos? 

Happy Friday friends!! High Five to you!


  1. Love the llama llama books! I'll have to get that one!!!

    1. Target! We love all of them!