High Five for Friday

It's Friday, and it feels so good!  This was a great week full of beautiful weather, pumpkins, soup, cupcakes, and costumes.  Let's chat about it, shall we?  Linking up with Lauren

1. Girls weekend.  I didn't even do a post about it, but Mel did.  Go read up.

2. I made homemade minestrone soup.  I made enough to last all Fall.  Oops. It's so good though,  If only you could scratch and sniff this picture, because yum. 

3. Taking Max on his first field trip was so fun.  First of many field trips to come.  Max had so much fun the past two mornings he's woken up saying, "We must go back to the pumpkin patch!"  I think we'll be going back to Fox Hollow Farm many times!

4. We were out and about and came upon this super cute cupcake place.  We  stopped to check out the goodness.  I love that they have mini cupcakes for the kiddos.  We enjoyed some festive treats, and left with smiles on our face. 

5.  Max and Emma have picked their Halloween costumes!  Max is going to be Optimus Prime, and Emma is going to be Bumblebee. (Optimus Primes sidekick) I thought it was clever and I was laughing it up in Party City.  I think the worker thought I was crazy.  Max also has a dentist appointment on Halloween, bright and early.  His teeth will be nice and clean and ready for the loads of candy I'm sure he will consume.  

Happy Friday friends!  Any fun plans for the weekend?  


  1. That is one awesome looking pumpkin!

    Aloha, Kathleen | House of Polynesia

    1. My 4 year old thought it was too scary! Ha! Belmont Park turns into Boomont Park. Super cute!