High Five for Friday

Here we are at my favorite day of the week. Well after Max's first hockey practice on Sunday that may change.  You know the drill

1. Emma and I went to Trader Joe's while Max was at school. We know how to have fun. I was on a mission to get Ezekiel bread, and came across these beauties.  I already love cookie butter, but cookies and creme cookie butter. So good people. Run and go buy some. 

2. Emma learned how to crawl up on the dining table chairs.  Dear Lord help me. I take her down repeatedly and 2.5 seconds later I find her life this. 

3. I started watching Max's bff, and the teacher in me is beyond excited to do holiday crafts with the kiddos. I think I'm more excited than them.  Our first craft were toilet paper roll monsters. 

4. The crafts continued. Martha better watch her back.  That sounded way more scary when I reread that. Just kidding Martha.  I decorated Max's side of the room and Emma's side has nothing, so I crafted it up. I also made some tissue paper ball things to hang in the corner of her side. What would I do without Pinterest??

5. I love seeing the colors of Fall. We went to the park and there's a road lined with trees with beautiful colors.  I heart Washington. 

I'm so ready for the weekend! Do you have any exciting plans?


  1. Hi my name is Kelly and I'm a cookie butter addict!

    1. 😂😂 Me. Too.