High Five for Friday

I'm so excited it's Friday! I think I say this every Friday, but today our friends get here for a visit. Yay! Also it's one day closer to Sunday, which is now my favorite day of the week.  Max's hockey practice is an hour of my heart wanting to explode from the cuteness.

On with it, shall we?

1. We sorted M&Ms for a Halloween treat we are going to make.  By sorting, I mean Max was sorting, and Emma and I were sneaking brown and red ones to eat.  Earlier this week Max came home from school and so sweetly told me, "Hey Mommy, did you know that chocolate is brown? Brown like poop!" I ignored this bit of information and he said, "Mommy! Did you heard me? Chocolate is brown like poop!" Oh, I heard you.  Insert cry laughing emoji here.

2. I had the kiddos try on their Halloween costumes. I needed to make sure they fit and no surprises that may have needed to be fixed before the big day.  I died over how cute Optimus and Bumblebee looked. 

Max has muscles I've never seen before! "I'm so strong Mommy!" 

Gahhh! She looks so cute!! 

Since trying them on Max has been practices his trick-or-treating skills. "Knock knock! Trick-or-treat ma'am! Thank youuuu!" I don't know where he got the ma'am from, but he's so proper. 

3. I finished painting the spice racks that will be book shelves!  FYI if you plan on doing this pinterest project, paint the pieces before putting them together.  It would have made my life so much easier.  You pinterest, you learn.  I put together and painted 10, not just the one you see.  Geez, life wouldn't have been that hard had I only did one.

4. We got a Halloween treat in the mail from my bff.  Max and Emma were so excited, so we had to hang our Halloween banner on the fireplace in the playroom. We miss Leslie and the girls so much.  Leslie has an Etsy shop, and it's seriously so cute.  She makes decoration packs for classrooms.  She adds new things to her shop often including Halloween photo cards, stationary, and party packs!  Click on over and check it out!!

5.  My lovely friend, Kali, shared some exciting news this week.  She has two beautiful twin girls, and they shared that they are expecting again. TWINS!!!  So I sent her a text message.....

OMG I was dying.  1) I blame my fat finger.  2) I could not stop laughing. Even now.  #textfail

Happy Friday friends!! Hope you had a great week, and even better weekend!

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