High Five for Friday

This week was a good one.  We had fun, and we are so ready for the fun to be had today. 

Favorite moments from this festive week:

1.  We carved a pumpkin.  I sat Emma on the table to help me out.  She stuck her hand in the pumpkin, pulled out some "guts", and ate it! I was so grossed out, and I thought she would be grossed out, but she's full of surprises. 

2. My handsome little guy got a haircut, and he made my heart melt into a puddle. 

3. Oh hi, selfie. I dyed my hair this week, which needs a high five of it's own, because I hadn't dyed it in forever.  

4. Max had a dentist bright and early this morning.  It was pouring rain, and by the time we were in the door we were a soaked mommy, Optimus, and Bumblebee.  Emma and Max were a hit with the grown ups in the office.  I was apparently the only crazy mom her dressed her kids up so early, but it made the dentist visit even more fun.  Max did awesome, and no cavities!!

5. Happy Halloween to you!  I hope you have a festive day, and eats lots of great candy.  We are going to have fun, even if it rains all day. 

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  1. Happy Halloween to you! Wonderful pics!

    1. Thanks! Hope you Halloween was great! Can't wait to see what Hallie dressed up as!