Hockey 1

Today was the day.  Max's first hockey 1 class.  Oh the excitement!!  We got there early, because dressing your kid in full hockey gear takes awhile.  Once Max was dressed he had to take some selfies with his proud Daddy. 

At first Max couldn't even walk on his skates without the help of Ian holding him.  He was holding onto the chair for dear life. 

I think Max thought once he hit the ice he was going to be skating like Shane Doan.  All week we had talked to him about falling down, and it being okay to fall, and to keep trying.  At first he was so frustrated because he couldn't stand up.  To see him so frustrated made me sad for him.  After a pep talk from us and his Coach, Max gave it another shot.  He continued to try his hardest to stand up on his own. They practiced holding their hockey sticks the correct way, and Max was a pro at that.  

By the end of practice, Max was walking by himself on his skates.  I was so proud of him for not giving up and trying his hardest.  Don't let his face fool you.  When he got off the ice he asked how many sleeps until next practice.  Max just saw this and said. "Oohhh I yook nice! I yook good, just like Shane Doan!"