October Crafts

When the holidays roll around, the teacher in me gets so excited.  I love doing crafts with Max and Emma.  Emma doesn't quite enjoy it like Max does, but she still has fun.  This morning we made candy corn.  I got all the pieces ready, and set it up for the kids.  Emma went into her highchair and Max sat at the table.  With Emma I put drops of glue on the paper and then giver her a piece of construction paper one at a time to put on the drop of glue.  She did pretty great with the occasional finger in glue and trying to eat it.  With Max I either let him put the glue and have at it, or I put the glue on the construction paper piece and let him put it where he wants.  Today I put the glue on the piece of paper and let him put it on his candy corn.  He was determined to cover every inch of the paper!

Now Max says we must go buy some to eat.  I think we just might. 

Other crafts I plan on doing with the kids are some of these.  We'll most definitely make this yummy looking goodness.  This Halloween bucket list is so fun too!!  Oh the possibilities and holiday fun to be had!!  If you consider yourself not crafty, just pick and choose which activities won't stress you out, because you want to have fun with your kiddos. 

What fun holiday crafts do you do with your kiddos? 

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