Our Weekend

We went to Ian's work for a bit. Him and Max got down and Emma and I stayed in the car. It was pouring! Max loves Ian's office. He plays soccer, holds trophies, eats red vines and drinks lemonade.  Emma missed out today. While she slept I was texting everyone I know and happened to look in the side mirror. This random person walked right up to the back of our car, turned and faced it (I start to panic), lights a joint and smokes, looks around and turns back to the car (I'm really panicking and text Ian to see if him and Max are done having fun), and then the person walks away.  Silly me. I just got super nervous and thought the person was going to try and climb in the back of the car or something. I don't know!  

He wanted to hold a trophy like Daddy. Different trophy, same smile. 

We signed Max up for hockey. He needs to dress in full gear, and I can't handle the cuteness. He tried on the little hockey pants. I died.  We decided to rent equipment because we want to make sure he actually likes playing before buying it. 

Ian took these at Max's field trip, and I took them off his phone. Thanks Love!


We went and got Max's equipment for hockey. He had to try on the shoulder pads, pants, shin pads, elbow pads, skates, and helmet. O. M. G. Everything was so tiny. I was a giggling mess! I cannot wait until he's in full gear. Next Sunday can't come quick enough! 

The rest of the day we've been watching football. Shocker. The Steelers aren't playing so well, so we'll just leave it at that. 

We started painting pumpkins when Max was a little baby.  Now that he's older he loves it! Emma did really well and kept the majority of the paint on the pumpkin. 

Fun way to end our weekend.  The pumpkins are drying, so a picture of M and E with their painted pumpkins is coming!

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