Yesterday we took Max to open skate so he could practice his skating skills.  The kid seriously impresses me each time he gets on the ice.  He not only stood up by himself, but he skated a short distance to Ian all by himself!  We got him one of those little pusher things and that helped a little.  Emma had way more fun with it off the ice.

She finds fun in just about anything. Mittens = FUN

I don't think I'll ever get over the cuteness of him on the ice. 

Do I look like Shane Doan?

Why does Max have trouble pushing this? It's so easy!

Today was Max's prek Halloween party.  They sent home a note about what costumes are acceptable to wear.  His Optimus Prime costume didn't make the cut, so he went as a Steelers football player.  Naturally.  

Olaf!!!  This made Max and Emma's day.  Emma told him, "I uv youuuu." Her first time saying it, and it's to Olaf.  Lucky snowman. 

We entertain ourselves in the car while we wait for Max. 

When I dropped Max off at school I would say about 95% of the kids were wearing costumes that were not acceptable.  Max could have totally worn his Optimus Prime costume, but this Mommy follows directions.  Maybe next time I won't.  Oh who am I kidding, I so will, but it was annoying.  Okay, I'm over it now.   

Can you believe that October is 2 days away from being over?  Some days feel long, but I can't get over how quick years are going by!