The Facts

Emma Facts
  •  Her favorite things to say at the moment: Ewwww, when she touches something she doesn't like.  Owwww, when she falls down, gets chased by Max, or just for fun.  Noooooo, when you are down right making her mad.   
  • When she gets really mad, which is quite often because life for a 1 year old is tough always, she runs around ready to destroy anything in her path. It's funny, but not because I don't want her to think this behavior is okay.  
  • She also told me, "No poop!" when I asked her if she needed a diaper change.  
  • She gets super excited when she sees food, like squealing and clapping her hands excited.  
  • She loves music, and will bust out dancing no matter where we are, and it's the cutest thing ever! 
  • When she hands you something she says ever so sweetly, "Tank you."
Max Facts
  • He's phrase of the moment is "Why you take for long time?"  
  • He counts sleeps until school, H comes over, hockey, Halloween, and any important date to him.  
  • When it's windy he thinks there's going to be a nornado.  
  • When he tries to get Emma to come somewhere with him he'll say, "Emma, do you want milk?  Do you? Do you want milk?"  He knows the way to her heart.  
  • He is obsessed with Hook, which we watched on Netflix this past weekend with Brenda and Spence.  Since Saturday we've watched it about 5 times. 
  • He loves cheesy rollups and I make them for his lunch to take to school. 
  • When he plays football or hockey he run from the kitchen and announces the team he's playing for. "Introducing the Arizona Coyotes, Coyotes, Coyotes." Yes, with an echo. 

I hope your week is off to a great start.  I leave you with some more of their Halloween pictures.

What are you wearing Max??  Max?

Is that you Max?

This was when I told Emma to smile...forever throwing shade my way.  
I feel ya girl. 


  1. Oh my goodness! Cuties! I love that she screams "oww! When getting chased! loL!

    1. She's a funny one, and very dramatic!