High Five for Friday

What a cold week it's been here!  I know in comparison to Alaska or places where it's already snowing, it doesn't compare, but for a girl who was use to AZ winters, it's cold!!  This will be our second winter in WA, and I honestly don't remember it being so cold last year.  Really I think last year I was in love with the weather and thought it was so beautiful, and now...well now I know that it's not so great, but I will make the best of it! 

Onward to my fav moments of the week. 

1.On Monday the Sounders advanced to the Western Conference Championship (or Finals...I'm not sure what soccer world call it)!!! I'm so excited for Ian and the staff, as well as the players. It means work is still insanely busy for Ian, and he only gets Thanksgiving off (boo), but it's super exciting for Sounders fans everywhere.  We have to play the LA Galaxy, so I get to say #BeatLA.

2. Last year we were in a townhome and didn't have to worry about yard work.  Well now we get to rake up all the millions of leaves that cover our yard.  We were outside for two hours, and it was a workout! The kiddos had fun running around, and trying to help pick up the leaves that were blowing away.  I felt pretty good after I was done, but I'm so over it.  Next round is Ian's turn, and all the rounds after that.  Side story, so Max is wearing a raccoon hat.  Everywhere we go he wears it backwards because he wants people to think his hat is staring at them.  He thinks it's the funniest thing in the world and laughs it up. 

3.  Don't Call Me Ma'am (isn't that a great name?) sent me some goodies to try out.  A giveaway will be coming up next month and one of you lovely readers will get the skincare products shown in the picture for your very own.  My skin has been getting super dry because of the chilly, freaking cold weather and so far my face loves me for using the daily moisturizer. 

4. Free cookies! We went to QFC and they were giving away sugar cookies.  Both Max and Emma were pretty pumped about getting a cookie. Smiles all around.

5, The snuggles this week.  No pictures, but both kiddos have been under the weather.  We had a doctor appointment this morning.  Both have been cuddling up to me and wanting to be held.  They are my very own personal heaters, and I love it. I don't love that they're sick.  The joys of Max going to school.  Comes home with all sorts of germs. 

Happy Friday to you!
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