November Crafts

Let's get crafty!  Some links to some fun and festive Thanksgiving crafts.

1. Handprint turkey.  We already did this, and the kiddos loved it.  Paint on their hands tickles them, and they giggle it up. I'm always worried Emma will touch something she shouldn't with her painted hand, but so far so good.  Washable paint is a must.

2. A leaf wreath.  We'll take a little nature walk in our very own front and backyard, and collect some colorful leaves.

3. Pilgrim hats and turkey hats will be worn by Max and Emma.  Oh the pictures that will be Instagrammed.

4. I don't know if I'll actually make these festive snacks for the kids, but they are super cute.

5. 30 crafts for toddlers that claim to be easy.

6. 50 turkey crafts, because really who is going to just make one turkey craft this month? Not us!

7. Froot Loop Trees. Who doesn't love to snack while being crafty?  Max loves him some froot loops.

8. Thanksgiving books to read to your little turkeys to talk about Thanksgiving.

9. Treats your kiddos will love making and eating.  Mmmmm.

10.  This printable Thanksgiving pack for preschoolers looks cute and fun for your little pre-kers.

Happy Crafting!!  Find me on twitter, Instagram or Facebook and let me know if you do any of these activities!!

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