Rough Day

Today was a rough day.  I have days where I feel good.  I feel like I'm okay and moving on from the miscarriage.  Then I have days like today, and it's just hard.  Nothing went right today.  Our oven locked and won't open.  Two days before Thanksgiving and it won't freaking open.  I went to an appointment and I was 45 minutes early, because I thought my appointment was at a different time.  45 minutes turned into an hour and a half with two kids.  You can imagine the fun.  Most of that time I was surrounded by beautiful, happy, pregnant women.   Then I got stuck in traffic for what seemed like forever.  Emma keeps attacking the tree/ornaments with a hockey stick.   Today was just a rough day... Today I'm not okay.  I'm sad and angry, and getting consumed into "What ifs" and "What could have beens".

Tomorrow will be a better day, and our damn oven better open so I can start cooking for Thanksgiving.  Send some prayers my way please, and for my oven. :)

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