Thanksgiving Planning

This year I think Thanksgiving is going to be our little family.  We won't need a whole turkey for just us, so I'm thinking I'll get a turkey breast and try this recipe.  Ina Garten knows her stuff, so it has to be good.  I hope.

This photo was getting pinned away on Pinterest and I thought it would be super helpful for all you who are cooking up a Thanksgiving meal for loved ones!  The number for bottle of wines made me laugh.  Our family would probably double that! Hey, holidays are meant for some good food and fun!

How much to serve at Thanksgiving Dinner. Number of wine bottles would be way more for our family!

Individual pumpkin pies look like fun to make, and I think Max and Emma would love having their own special pumpkin pie. 

What's a Thanksgiving without sides?  Mashed potatoes, stuffing, rolls...YUM.  You kind find 60 sides here, and you might as well make them all, because they look good. 

If you want your house to look festive, you kind find ways to decorate on a dime here.  Go spend your dimes!

Have you tried a stove top potpourri before?  I've done the William Sonoma scent, and my house smelled so lovely.  I want to try this one, and what better day than Thanksgiving? 

Do you plan on making anything new this Thanksgiving?  What traditions do you have for celebrating this wonderful give thanks food filled day? Let me know! 

You can find all pins (and more) in this post on my Thanksgiving board.  Go pin away and happy planning!

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  1. The wine bottles gave me a chuckle too.

    1. Right? Maybe if each person had one glass, but really who does that? Haha