The Holidays

The past few days have been a hot mess. Ian has been so sick (finally feeling better), Max started feeling bad again (bad cough), and Emma still has a runny nose and is teething (chews on her paci like it's her job).  So far I'm good, and I'm eating vitamin c like candy.  I will not get sick. I hope. 

Max and Emma love this story, and think it's so funny. 

Max circled toys for his wish list and it was the cutest thing ever. 

We put up the tree today.  Max and Emma were so giddy. I love holidays with kids. Celebrating is so much more fun with them. It kind of made me sad, because I was thinking how Christmas could have been with 3 little ones.  My heart hurts. 

Emma would clap and cheer after she carefully placed the ornament. 

Max couldn't get enough. He loved hanging each ornament, especially the sparkly ones. He also loved seeing Ian's childhood ornaments and asking questions. 

Emma loved putting the ornaments on, and loves taking them off just as much!

Emma's looking at the ornaments that we didn't put on the tree. 

This girl.  As sad I was feeling her and Max's excitement was contagious.  

I love the holidays. 

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