The Week that Lasted a Month

Well hey there.  So it's Wednesday and it feels like the past 7 days have lasted months.  Max got sick, and I took him to the doctor Friday.  Friday Emma started getting sick.  Saturday Max was on the road to recovery and causing trouble.  Sunday Emma and I had to stay home from Max's hockey practice because she wasn't feeling any better.  Monday I took Emma to the doctor and the word was cold with a mix of teething.  Snot and drool are not a fun combination, in case you were wondering.  I know you were.  Tuesday the power went out at 7:08 pm and was off for over 2 hours.  Now here we are at Wednesday.  Fun.  Oh and Emma cried for 3 nights in a row, which was lack of sleep for her and I.  Again....fun.

Emma didn't mind going to the pediatrician when we get to hang out in rooms with dinosaurs on the wall

This was Emma for days, just not nights.  Oh I loved the snuggles.

We were taking Max to school and before we got out of the car he wanted me to take his picture in his new jacket. 

More snuggles with my girl. I think we need a vacation where there is sand and sun. 

We passed the dollar section at Target and saw the mini Christmas tree.  Their little eyes lit up, and I was done for.  So we got the tree, mini ornaments and a mini tree topper.  

Now Optimus has a lovely decorated Christmas tree to look at and get in the festive spirit. 

I have a doctors appointment today and will be taking both kids with me.  Lord help me, because I have a feeling it's going to be rough.  I see many bribes in my future.

Hope your week isn't lasting months.

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