Friday: Our day started bright and early getting ready for Max's dentist appointment.  I'm not sure why I made the appointment at 8 in the AM, but I did.  Crazy, I know.  I got the kiddos ready in their costumes, and off we went in the pouring rain.  There wasn't a parking by the office, so we ended up getting soaked by the time we made it inside.  Wet, but fun.  Max is still in the No Cavity Club, and his teeth were super clean and ready to eat tons of candy. 

My friend from high school came up to visit us.  We got a jackolantern pizza before heading out to trick-or-treat. 

Seconds before we were getting ready to leave, Optimus got sick.  So Max turned into a Steelers football player.  Ian and I were so bummed he couldn't wear his Optimus costume, because he was so excited about it, but he was a champ and went with the flow.  Only one jerk Seahawks fan old man made a comment to Max.  By the end of the night Emma was saying a version of "Trick-or-treat!", and she was holding her bag with all her little might. 

Emma and Jax wanted to go into everyones house! I will most definitely have to teach Emma stranger danger, because as of right now she will be your bff if you offer her candy or have a cell phone. 

The rain stopped early in the afternoon, and the evening was so nice.  I hadn't seen my friend, Sarah, since high school over 10 years ago...more like 13 years.  It was so great, and the minute she got here it was like a day hadn't passed since we last talked.  I loved every minute of her visit, girl talk, and reminiscing about the high school days.  

Saturday: We went to Kelsey Creek Park with all the kiddos, and let them run wild.  They had so much fun seeing the animals. I nearly got attacked by a rooster.  Laughs for everyone else, but not me.  I just about died.

Emma and Jax were instant bffs.  The cuteness overload with these two. 

When we got back home Max, H and I raked up the leaves in the front yard and backyard.  Raking is no joke.  I'm a sore mess today.  I made piles of fun, because both boys were running and jumping and remaking a mess of my hard work. Thankfully Ian took over! 


Today Max has hockey practice, which I'm hoping goes way better than last week.  It's also a day of our sport teams playing.  The Coyotes, Steelers, and Sounders play!  The Sounders are in the playoffs and today is their first game.  BOOM BOOM CLAP! 

Hope the rest of your weekend is a good one! Happy Sunday!!

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