What Emma Wore

Every girl needs a pair of boots. Emma got her very first pair and she wears them so well!  I just might have to go back to Target and get them in brown as well.....

Today it's flipping cold out. The sun is shining brightly, but the chill in the air...brrr.   I just bought this coat for Max, this one for Emma, and this one for myself.  Ian wasn't left out, but he has his water resistant Sounders jacket, so he's okay in the coat department.  I haven't bought a new coat in forever, because living in AZ you didn't need a heavy coat.  Oh the weather. I think this winter it's going to be a cold one!!! 

Happy Wednesday!  Stay warm! 


  1. It was 18 degrees this morning in Redmond! Wtf? I think my newborn is just going to be bundled in layers for months. Love the boots! My son was born a couple weeks after Emma. The boys' shoe selection at Target is not as exciting!


    1. The boys selection is not exciting at all!! Congrats on the new baby!!