Our Year

Looking at pictures from this year turns me into a sappy mess. Max and Emma have grown so much! 

It's hard not to let my miscarriage define 2014 for me. It was such and still is a low point for me. Something I struggle with every day.  This year was a good one though. We went on so many adventures, made memories, and have watched Max and Emma grow into their little selfs...tantrums included. 

Some of my favorite moments this year:

1. Our trip to Boise. Ian and Brian have been bffs forever. I'd always heard about his wife, Ashley, but hadn't met her. The minute I met her, it was like I'd known her my whole life. Our kiddos got along great, and I can't wait to see them in the new year!

2. Exploring Seattle never gets old. The view of the city is amazing. Those two boys are pretty amazing too.

3. Our trip to NM! It was my first trip alone with the kiddos. The layover was terrible. Our bags arrived late. I was a hot mess, but the trip was so worth it. I have yet to brave a trip on my own again! Look at how little both Max and Emma look!

4.  I completed a half marathon. It seems like this was a lifetime ago. I'm slowly getting back into running again. I want another pretty medal. 

5. Mother's Day with my loves was one of the best days this year and special.

6. Emma turned one! My girl loves her some sugar. Her birthday was pink. Tons of pink, and lots of fun. 

7. Our trip to AK! I love summertime in Alaska.  Max and Emma had some major fun on this trip getting to play with their cousins.  Max is already planning our next visit. 

8. My family came to visit and we took a selfie at a Sounders match. I love them. 

9. Max turned 4 and started preschool! When did my baby get so big?! I love that he's in prek and learning so much. He soaks it all in, and my teacher heart wants to burst. I. Love. It. 

10.  Our little angel.  Miscarriage is sad. It's heartbreaking, lonely, and changes you. I guess I feel like I don't want the baby we lost to be forgotten.  A couple days before Christmas Ian thought we should get an ornament for the baby.  I loved the idea.  I think I'll keep this ornament out year round. 

I'm ready for 2015. 

Happy New Years friends! I hope 2015 brings you happiness, joy, lots of love, and many fun adventures! 


Elf on the Shelf 19-25

Our last week will Sparkle is here, and I'm bummed!  I always get so excited when it's the holidays, and then they are over so quickly, and we're left to wait another year.  I say boo to that. This Christmas has been so much fun with Max and Emma.  Both get so excited about Sparkle every morning, seeing Santa, the Christmas lights, our tree, and the advent calendar activities.  I want to make our last week with Sparkle a good one.

She got into the jar of Kisses and went to town.  Max could not believe that she ate so many pieces, and her face was a mess!

She wanted to be pushed around in Emma's doll stroller. 

Max's Transformers thought Sparkle was a bad guy.

Sparkle watched us play Sorry and had to play with her friends. 

She tried to leave a.note for Max and Emma, but rolled down the stairs. 

We had so much fun with Sparkle this year. Emma calls her "Ze Sparkle". It's so cute and funny.  I can't wait until next year!  Hope you had a very Merry Christmas with your loved ones!


Hey Santa

So this happened yesterday.  Before we went to see Santa, I tried to prepare Emma for the meeting.  We've seen Santa twice before and I had her wave to him and tell him hi, which she did happily.  Max saw him yesterday at school and informed me, "I'm not sitting on his lap." Okay then.  

Today we got to the mall and there was this kid (maybe 2) dressed like an elf and he was screaming, crying, red faced, hated Santa, and let us all know it.  I thought for sure Emma was going to freak.  She didn't.  We walked up to him.  Max sat on his lap, I held Emma and she waved hi.  I tried to sit her down and she clung to me with a death grip.  There was no way she was going to let me let her go.  I somehow was able to pry her off me and have her stand by him.  With every click of the camera she got further and further away from him.  When we were done she happily said goodbye with a huge smile on her face. 

Even though there isn't a smile on her face, I think it turned out great!  6 days until Christmas!! Can you believe only one more Friday in the year 2014?   I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!


Elf on the Shelf: Days 12-18

Sparkle took off our tree topper, and wanted to be center of attention on our Christmas tree. Max thought this was so funny.  

Sparkle brought the kiddos a gingerbread house, and Max now thinks Sparkle is one tough elf who carries big boxes. 

It was cold downstairs, so Sparkle put on Max's cozy Christmas socks, and used Emma's socks as a pillow. 

Sparkle took relaxation to a whole new level.  Forget crockpot, it's a hot tub for an elf and a couple of Transformers. The giggles I heard over finding her like this was so great.  Have I mentioned how much I love Elf on the Shelf?  

Sparkle wanted to zip line on our advent calendar.  Poor girl just ended up hanging around. 

Sparkle wrote Max and Emma letters.  She had noticed that Max's behavior has been on the naughty side. She let him know that if he kept it up, she was going back to the North Pole for good.  The look on his face...

Sparkle brought the kiddos The Polar Express.  Last year we watched it repeatedly on Netflix, but it's not on there anymore.  What's Christmas without watching The Polar Express?  The first time I saw this movie, it creeped me out, but it's grown on me. 

Come back next Thursday to see the last week of Sparkles shenanigans. 


Filthy Animal

10 more days until Christmas.  10 more days until I see the lovely faces of my family.  I can't wait!!
This weekend was a good one.  We went to Carter's Winter Wonderland first birthday party.  It was a good time for all.  Max and Emma loved running around outside, the yummy hot chocolate, and the candy bar.  They were sugared up for days. 

My little elves.  They couldn't get enough of these hats, and have been wearing them for two days. 

When we got home we made a gingerbread house.  I got the prebuilt, and it was the best thing ever! The kiddos just had to decorate it.  Max took this job very seriously, and wanted to decorate it exactly like the picture.  Emma wanted to eat all the candy.  She loves sugar.  She also wore a pair of footsie jammies.  2T.  This girl is tall!

Mmmm...that candy looks good.

Icing the house is serious business. 

As is putting the candy roof. 

Emma didn't take her job too seriously.  When she got icing on her fingers she give a dramatic, "Ewww!"

Tada! They were more interested in eyeing that candy.  

Our Home Alone watching continues.  Max now likes to call Emma a "filthy animal". Not nice, very.  Funny, very.  If you ask Emma how old she is, she'll hold up one finger and proudly says, "two!" We're working on it, but she's so funny.  

Hope your weekend was a good one! 


Rants and Raves

Rave: Sparkle brought the kiddos (and Ian) Home Alone 1 & 2.  We watched the first one last night, and Max loved it! He was laughing so hard at parts.  It was so cute.  Made me love the movie even more.   The scene where Kevin plays the mobster movie for the pizza guy always makes me laugh so hard.  We are going to watch the second one tonight!

Rant: Our oven will not be fixed until NEXT Saturday.  I want to bake!  You better believe the minute that oven is fixed I will be baking every day until Christmas.

Rave: I went to the post office today to mail some packages and a nice lady offered to help me carry the boxes in.  So sweet.  Max was offended by the nice gesture, so I politely said  no, and let him carry in a box for me.  They had a picture of Santa buying stamps and Max and Emma got so excited to see his picture.  "Santa comes to the post office too Mommy!!!"

Rant: My Mom and I both ordered something for Ian for Christmas, and one of the boxes came in the mail yesterday.  The awesomeness inside the box: BROKEN.  The company didn't even package the glass items well.  Hello?! What company doesn't put bubble wrap or those plastic big bubbles things inside a package to protect glass? So lame.  AND I had to pay to ship it back to them.  Double lame.

Rave: Emma girl slept through the night last night.  She's been sick with fever, chills, runny nose and cough.  She didn't sleep at all on Wednesday night.  Yesterday she took three naps.  Three!  My poor girl.  She seems to be doing a little better, but her fever is still lingering when the medicine wears off.

Rant: I'm almost done with season 7 of Gilmore Girls!!  This isn't so much a rant, but sadness.  I love it more every time I watch it.

Rave: 13 days until I get to see my Mama, bro and sis.  I AM SO EXCITED.   I wish my Dad was coming up too.  I miss them all so much.

Rave: I'm pretty darn lucky.  I feel like an emotional wreck at the moment.  Sometimes I focus on the bad a little too much.  My rants seems so silly in the greater scheme of things.  This year has been a tough one, but it's been so full of good as well.

Hope you have a great weekend!!


Elf on the Shelf Days 5-11

The past week Sparkle has:

made a bed out of our Kleenex box and slept under the tree.

gotten herself stuck in some balloons.

made the milk green, which Max and Emma loved

gotten herself trapped under a vase.  Max made me move her from the table so he could eat his breakfast.

colored a picture for Max and Emma. "Look! It's Charlie Brown!"

brought an "elf breakfast" of powdered sugar donuts and hot chocolate.  "Sparkle has donut on her face! She's messy!"

brought Home Alone (1 and 2) and popcorn! I think Sparkle did this for Ian too...

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Don't Call Me Ma'am (Review + Giveaway)

This post is to review the skincare products from Don't Call Me Ma'am.  Seriously, how great is the name?  I love it.  When the kiddos and I are out shopping and the cashier send me off with a nice, "Have a great day ma'am."  I cringe.  The word ma'am just makes me feel old.  When I first read the name of the skincare product, it made me giggle.  It's so perfect.  I love the message the company wants to spread to women of all ages.

I was excited to get Wash It Away Everyday Cleanser, In Balance Everyday Toner, and Face Love Everyday Moisturizer in the mail and start using it right away.  I've never had a daily/nightly face wash routine.  I rarely wear makeup, so I just never bothered.  The very first time I used all three skincare products my face felt goodrefreshed, and definitely hydrated.  I felt this cool somewhat tingly feeling, and I knew my face was getting so much needed love.

I use all three products in the morning and at night.  Wash It Away + In Balance + Face Love = Happy face.  The cleanser leaves your face feeling smooth, the toner balances out the skin's pH levels and protects against inflammation, and the moisturizer leaves your skin hydrated and feeling soft.  Also, a little goes a long way.  I've been using all three products twice a day for a month and I'm pretty sure I'll have plenty to last the next few months!   When I first started using it, we had a cold front here in WA.  My fingers tips were hurting, cracking, and my skin was just so dry.  After I put on the moisturizer I rub in what's left on my hands.  Within a few days my fingertips and skin around my nails was smooth and healed.

Now for the giveaway!!  YOU can enter to win Wash It Away, In Balance and Face Love all for your very own!  How you ask?  Enter down below!  Good luck to you!

Don't Call Me Ma'am sent me the products to review.  
My thoughts on the product are 100% my own. 
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eShakti was nice enough to let me choose an item from their website to review.  I've never had anything made to my measurements.  Even my wedding dress, I just bought a size, and made sure I fit into it for the big day.  With eShakti they ask for all your measurements to make sure your item is custom fit just for you.  I picked a pretty dress.  There were so many items that I loved, and I wanted them all.  If you go to their website and fall in love with something, I know you will, you can use babywink10 to get 10% off your purchase.  Pretty snazzy if I do say so, and I do.

Not only is the dress so fancy, but I'm loving the details.

Delicate pattern that is perfect for holiday parties. 

It has pockets.  Who doesn't love pockets?

Cap sleeve. Love. 

Side note: I hate having pictures taken of me, and I am not a fashion blogger by any means. Be kind.

If you are in the hunt of a holiday dress, a lovely skirt, or fashionable top you have to go check out eShakti. You can order the size they offer or have it custom made. Either way, your item is perfect. The website is user friendly, and the process is easy. 

Happy shopping!!

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