32 Years of Me

I swear I'm not that into myself, this picture is more so for my mom.  Today I'm 32.  Thirty-two.  Holy moly. Sometimes I still don't feel like a grown-up, and I don't know how I'm already in my 30s, but here I am.   When I was twenty something I did a post with twenty something facts about myself.  I thought I would try to come up with 32 facts. 

1. I love having dance parties with Max and Emma. 
2. I'm not an animal person at all, but lately I've been thinking that I wouldn't mind having a dog.  I think....
3. I dislike going to doctors of any kind, but especially dentists and eye doctors. Both scary for their own reasons. 
4. Driving at night is hard for me, because of my bad eye and lack of peripheral vision.  It's so beyond stressful. 
5. I would love to leave Christmas decorations up all year.  It's my favorite time of the year, and all the festiveness makes me happy.  
6. I love Taylor Swift. Judge me if you must. 
7. The miscarriage forever changed me, and I feel a little lost. 
8. I want to get a tattoo that represents my loss.  Sorry Mom and Dad!
9. I wear makeup maybe 5 times a year, if that.  
10. I am a chapstick/lip balm/lip gloss hoarder. 
11. I can't drink red wine.  It reminds me of church. 
12. I miss teaching, and making a difference in kiddos lives. 
13. I love being a SAHM and watching Max and Emma learn things for the first time. 
14. Going to a Barnes & Nobles or a library is my kind of fun. 
15. I try and call my Grandma Molly once a week to chat.  
16. My Mama is my Lorelai and I talk or text her every day. 
17. I love coffee.
18. I wish I was as cool as my sister. 
19. One of my favorite days is when my brother was born. 
20. I strongly believe that God knew what he was doing when he brought my Mom and Dad together and his family welcomed us with open arms. 
21. I love taking pictures, but I'm terrible at having them printed and put into frames. 
22. 99% of the time you'll find my hair in a messy bun. 
23. I'd rather drink beer than hard liquor, but if I'm going to drink hard liquor give it to me in a tasty shot.  
24. I still love celebrity gossip and can talk about it with my father in law. 
25.  I get competitive when playing board games against Ian.  Yahtzee had to be retired for a couple years.  
26. I love to watch South Park with Ian.  Butters is my favorite.
27. I could eat cereal for every meal. 
28. I've never seen Nightmare Before Christmas. 
29. I always said I didn't like mushrooms, but I don't think I had ever tried them.  I had them awhile back, and they were so good.
30. I always wanted a twin growing up, and wanted my mom to have twins when she was pregnant with my brother. 
31. I love holiday crafting with Max and Emma.  I think I like it more than them. 
32. I hate scary shows and movies.  Most people cover their eyes, but I plug my ears so I don't hear anything.  

Well that was hard and probably not at all interesting for you.  I know my Mom will like this! Thanks for bringing me into the world 32 years ago mom.  It's my birthday, but also the day you became a mom. 

For my birthday you all must eat yellow no bake cheese cake. Enjoy! 

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