Don't Call Me Ma'am (Review + Giveaway)

This post is to review the skincare products from Don't Call Me Ma'am.  Seriously, how great is the name?  I love it.  When the kiddos and I are out shopping and the cashier send me off with a nice, "Have a great day ma'am."  I cringe.  The word ma'am just makes me feel old.  When I first read the name of the skincare product, it made me giggle.  It's so perfect.  I love the message the company wants to spread to women of all ages.

I was excited to get Wash It Away Everyday Cleanser, In Balance Everyday Toner, and Face Love Everyday Moisturizer in the mail and start using it right away.  I've never had a daily/nightly face wash routine.  I rarely wear makeup, so I just never bothered.  The very first time I used all three skincare products my face felt goodrefreshed, and definitely hydrated.  I felt this cool somewhat tingly feeling, and I knew my face was getting so much needed love.

I use all three products in the morning and at night.  Wash It Away + In Balance + Face Love = Happy face.  The cleanser leaves your face feeling smooth, the toner balances out the skin's pH levels and protects against inflammation, and the moisturizer leaves your skin hydrated and feeling soft.  Also, a little goes a long way.  I've been using all three products twice a day for a month and I'm pretty sure I'll have plenty to last the next few months!   When I first started using it, we had a cold front here in WA.  My fingers tips were hurting, cracking, and my skin was just so dry.  After I put on the moisturizer I rub in what's left on my hands.  Within a few days my fingertips and skin around my nails was smooth and healed.

Now for the giveaway!!  YOU can enter to win Wash It Away, In Balance and Face Love all for your very own!  How you ask?  Enter down below!  Good luck to you!

Don't Call Me Ma'am sent me the products to review.  
My thoughts on the product are 100% my own. 
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