Elf on the Shelf: Days 1-4

Last year the whole Elf on the Shelf did not work for us.  Max's behavior was beyond naughty, and good ole' Sparkle had to go back to the North Pole.  Sad face.  I think Max was just too young to understand the concept, and he was terrified of her as well, so yeah.  This year, so far so good.  He has been so excited in the morning to see what silly thing she is doing.  Emma squeals with excitement and points and says, "Yook! yook!"

Now for some, finding things to do with the elf may be stressful and not fun.  Some have their elf do amazing things that make me want to move in and be part of their family.  I looked on Pinterest for some ideas.  I don't want the next few weeks to be stressful with our elf.  I want it to be fun, and I want Max and Emma to enjoy every minute of it.

So far Sparkle has.....

opened their candy cane of M&Ms and left them a message.

she has decided to go fishing.  So glad she caught a goldfish and not Optimus!

she made "snow" angels with some flour.

she brought a Christmas book for Max and Emma. She was nice enough to read it to some of their friends. 

Come back next Thursday to see what else Sparkle has been up to! 

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