Elf on the Shelf: Days 12-18

Sparkle took off our tree topper, and wanted to be center of attention on our Christmas tree. Max thought this was so funny.  

Sparkle brought the kiddos a gingerbread house, and Max now thinks Sparkle is one tough elf who carries big boxes. 

It was cold downstairs, so Sparkle put on Max's cozy Christmas socks, and used Emma's socks as a pillow. 

Sparkle took relaxation to a whole new level.  Forget crockpot, it's a hot tub for an elf and a couple of Transformers. The giggles I heard over finding her like this was so great.  Have I mentioned how much I love Elf on the Shelf?  

Sparkle wanted to zip line on our advent calendar.  Poor girl just ended up hanging around. 

Sparkle wrote Max and Emma letters.  She had noticed that Max's behavior has been on the naughty side. She let him know that if he kept it up, she was going back to the North Pole for good.  The look on his face...

Sparkle brought the kiddos The Polar Express.  Last year we watched it repeatedly on Netflix, but it's not on there anymore.  What's Christmas without watching The Polar Express?  The first time I saw this movie, it creeped me out, but it's grown on me. 

Come back next Thursday to see the last week of Sparkles shenanigans. 

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