Elf on the Shelf Days 5-11

The past week Sparkle has:

made a bed out of our Kleenex box and slept under the tree.

gotten herself stuck in some balloons.

made the milk green, which Max and Emma loved

gotten herself trapped under a vase.  Max made me move her from the table so he could eat his breakfast.

colored a picture for Max and Emma. "Look! It's Charlie Brown!"

brought an "elf breakfast" of powdered sugar donuts and hot chocolate.  "Sparkle has donut on her face! She's messy!"

brought Home Alone (1 and 2) and popcorn! I think Sparkle did this for Ian too...

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  1. I haven't introduced Elf on the shelf yet, but next year I'm stealing some of these!


    1. Max did so much better with the elf this year. Last year he was terrified!