eShakti was nice enough to let me choose an item from their website to review.  I've never had anything made to my measurements.  Even my wedding dress, I just bought a size, and made sure I fit into it for the big day.  With eShakti they ask for all your measurements to make sure your item is custom fit just for you.  I picked a pretty dress.  There were so many items that I loved, and I wanted them all.  If you go to their website and fall in love with something, I know you will, you can use babywink10 to get 10% off your purchase.  Pretty snazzy if I do say so, and I do.

Not only is the dress so fancy, but I'm loving the details.

Delicate pattern that is perfect for holiday parties. 

It has pockets.  Who doesn't love pockets?

Cap sleeve. Love. 

Side note: I hate having pictures taken of me, and I am not a fashion blogger by any means. Be kind.

If you are in the hunt of a holiday dress, a lovely skirt, or fashionable top you have to go check out eShakti. You can order the size they offer or have it custom made. Either way, your item is perfect. The website is user friendly, and the process is easy. 

Happy shopping!!

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