Filthy Animal

10 more days until Christmas.  10 more days until I see the lovely faces of my family.  I can't wait!!
This weekend was a good one.  We went to Carter's Winter Wonderland first birthday party.  It was a good time for all.  Max and Emma loved running around outside, the yummy hot chocolate, and the candy bar.  They were sugared up for days. 

My little elves.  They couldn't get enough of these hats, and have been wearing them for two days. 

When we got home we made a gingerbread house.  I got the prebuilt, and it was the best thing ever! The kiddos just had to decorate it.  Max took this job very seriously, and wanted to decorate it exactly like the picture.  Emma wanted to eat all the candy.  She loves sugar.  She also wore a pair of footsie jammies.  2T.  This girl is tall!

Mmmm...that candy looks good.

Icing the house is serious business. 

As is putting the candy roof. 

Emma didn't take her job too seriously.  When she got icing on her fingers she give a dramatic, "Ewww!"

Tada! They were more interested in eyeing that candy.  

Our Home Alone watching continues.  Max now likes to call Emma a "filthy animal". Not nice, very.  Funny, very.  If you ask Emma how old she is, she'll hold up one finger and proudly says, "two!" We're working on it, but she's so funny.  

Hope your weekend was a good one! 

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