High Five for Friday

It's been a couple weeks since I've done a little high fiving for Friday.  Let's get to it!

1. It's December, and I love December! I turned 32 on Tuesday, and it was a great day.  Ian surprised me with tickets to see Taylor Swift here in Seattle in August.

2. Sparkle came back, and this go around is so much better than last year.  The excitement that Max and Emma have each morning is so sweet.  Who knew waking up and going downstairs could be the best part of your day?

3. It snowed here, and it was so pretty!!  There were some big, fluffy snowflakes that covered the ground.  Max wanted to build a snowman.  Unfortunately, it only snowed for a few hours before the sun came out.  Boo for Max, but it was so my kind of snow.  Pretty and then gone.

4. I made an advent calendar for the kiddos, and we've been doing the activities each night when Ian gets home from work.  It's been so fun!!  Family time doing Christmas activities puts you in the best mood.

5.  Our oven is being replaced! It went out before Thanksgiving (sob fest) and we thought it was fixed on Tuesday.  I used it yesterday and the darn thing wouldn't turn off and started beeping at me.  I need to bake Christmas cookies!
So hopefully that happens asap!

Hope your week had plenty of high five moments!

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