Weekly Love

Happy Friday friends!  I thought I'd share some things that the kiddos and I are loving this week.  

This mashup of Taylor Swift's songs Style/Blank Spaces is so good!   I can't wait to see TSwift in concert. I'll probably be the oldest one among all the little screaming girls, but I'm okay with that.  I can scream with the best of them.  I've gone to my share of concerts that required some loud screams. NSYNC (Loudest of screams), NKOTB (I was with the husband, so I didn't scream.  I did however enjoy watching all the other ladies acting crazy.) The All American Reject (First concert I went to with Ian, and I may have screamed a little.)  John Mayer (College days. I saw him 3 times, twice Maroon 5 opened for him, best concerts ever. Ever.Well...before his manwhore ways came out.)  This got way off topic. Watch the mashup, and love it. 

Parenthood came to an end last night, and I'm so sad.  I won't give away any spoilers, but I will say it ended perfectly.  Most shows finales you either love or hate.  This one...man I just loved it.  I was watching it when the kids went to sleep and Ian was working.  I was crying and he made some comments.  So rude husband.  He also called it "just a show"  Umm...excuse me?!  They are the Bravermans.  He just doesn't understand.  If you haven't watched, have Kleenex.  I plan on rewatching it so I can have the proper ugly cries. 


You know that I love reading blogs.  I probably read way too many.  This one did a "Day in the Life" post yesterday.  I love those types of posts, and she has the best coffee mug I've ever seen.  I want it!

Max and Emma love this book series.  My sister in law introduced us to it, and since then I've gotten the kiddos each book as it comes out.  I can't wait to give them the Valentine's Day Book.   

Max and Emma also have a new love for this movie, and Max says he wants a dog just that in the movie.  I'll have to show them cartoon soon, because I think they'll enjoy it a lot more. 

We found a frozen yogurt place close to our house while Ian was away on a business trip.  It's our new favorite spot!  Both kiddos were so excited, and they played good music while you enjoy your yogurt.  Emma was dancing up a storm.  

Enjoy your weekend!  



Oh man, the "terrible twos" are in full force over here.  Emma's tantrums are ridiculous.  We're at the park enjoying the sun, even though it was flipping cold.  We went for a walk to see the ducks and she got a little close to the end of the sidewalk.  I told her to scoot back so she doesn't fall into the water.  She looks at me and screams bloody high pitched murder.  She then falls to the ground continuing her high pitched screams.  Lord help me.  I calmly get her up. Tell Max it's time to go.  He looks at me, stomps his foot and tells me , "I'm not ready to go!"  All this while his friend H and his mama are watching.  I could melt into the ground embarrassed.  Before we even got to the park I told him we were staying for 30 mins.  I prepped him telling him that when I said it was time to go, his only reply would be, "Okay Mommy."  Fast forward to his stomping, Emma's crying and I just about lost it.  I wanted to throw my very own tantrum.

It's sad that the first person I thought of when I read this was NOT my 3 year old daughter!

We said goodbye to our friends, well I said goodbye.  Emma was still crying and Max was still stomping. I told Max he couldn't play hockey on the Playstation with his Daddy, because that's his most favorite thing to do.  I got him where it hurts, because you better believe he was the sweetest kid after that statement.  He thinks that if he showers me with his cuteness I'll forget what I told him. Not the case Mr. Max. Nice try.

I sooooo felt like this at swim lessons....and after seeing this, I now also feel validated. So thank you, anonymous creator.

Emma, oh sassy Emma.  She fell asleep within minutes, and I hope she wakes up in a better mood.  Is it too early to drink some wine???

Jackson had his first mini tantrum today. So this is hysterical lol

Oh and in case you were wondering, I know you were.  She woke up in the best bad mood ever...... I change my question to: Is it too early to drink a bottle of wine?


This morning I was reading this blog.  Pancakes were her and Ryan's thing, and in honor of her fiery red head boy we made some for breakfast.

It never is "just pancakes" or "just breakfast" ... It is an adventure. -Jacqui

Her words are so true.

I strategically placed the word 'Adventure!', because someone thought clothes were an option at breakfast.  Take the time today to love on your kiddos, make some pancakes, laugh, have fun, and be thankful.  I plan on doing just that, and the sun is out...so you'll find us at the park! 

It's also Throwback Thursday, which I haven't done in quite awhile.  My cousin sent me this picture, and I love it! My Hawaiian style is amazing wouldn't you say? I get to see Janee in 23 days!! 

Happy Thursday friends!


The View

We went to the Mariners FanFest this weekend.  It was a beautiful day.  The sun was shining!  There weren't that many people there at first, so we were able to play catch in the outfield, hit some baseballs, and run the bases with no long lines.  

We "ran" the bases, which really was walking because people were stopping to take pictures and chat it up.  We took some action shots to keep the lines moving! 

First base!

We took the same picture last year.  

Max had so much fun at the FanFest!  He probably could have stayed all day.  Emma had fun, but she couldn't do any of the activities, because she's still too young.  So she had some tantrums when she saw Max having tons of fun.  Next year she'll be able to participate more!

After Ian took us to a surprise place.  We ended up at Kerry Park, and it was absolutely beautiful. The neighborhood itself was gorgeous, and then we saw this view.  

I will never get tired of seeing this view.  

We ended our night with watching Ian play hockey.  He got a hat trick!  Max was so excited, and Emma had fun running around like a wild animal.  She made friends with an older boy (3). He kept playing with her hair and trying to hug her.  She wanted none of it, and her sassy self would flip her hair, hold up her hand and yell, "NO!" 

Today Max has no school and Emma has a cold.  We definitely have a case of the Mondays. 


The Park

The sun was trying to come out and play and the temperature was a brisk 44 degrees, and so we found ourselves at the park. I miss living across the street from this park. Seeing the view of the lake from our townhome was my favorite part about living there.  The sunsets...oh man. 

We saw the ducks and Emma shrieked in her high pitched voice,"Duck!" Max wanted to know if we could go pet them. 

When he grabbed her hand to walk, my heart wanted to explode. The. Sweetest. Moment. 

Max is saying "cheese!" and Emma girl is having a blast. Slides are only the greatest thing in the world. 

She went down the slide a handful of times and would laugh. 

Max went down the "bumpy" slide and was good with the one time. 

Max got his first piece of homework today at school. He has to write his name, and he's so excited. I'll be sure to share his work!

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Our Weekend Part 2

Well our weekend just keeps on going!  Yesterday Ian had off so Monday was a good day.   We went to eat at a Mexican restaurant in Kent, and it was really good.  Max ate up a cheese enchilada and some beans and rice.  Emma slept the entire time, which was odd because she's a light sleeper.  Poor girl missed out on some yummy food.  Then we went to watch some high school basketball at the Showare Center.  Max liked it a lot, and Emma not so much.  She did like the music they played and started dancing it up for all to see.  

The team on the other side of the court, in yellow and white which you can't really see at all, is from the town that Ian went to college in.  We wanted them to win. 

Our day ended with Max picking out new bedding.  It was between sports or Ninja Turtles.  You can see which one won.  He's so excited for bedtime! He woke up this morning and said, "I had a good time sleeping last night."  

If you didn't notice I have a new snazzy blog design.  I love it so much, and Erin did an awesome job.  This girl is amazing.  She's a Bengals fan...I didn't mention I'm a Steelers fan.  Shhhhh.  She did the design quick and I can't recommend her enough.  If you're in the hunt for a new blog design, Erin's your girl! 

Happy Tuesday guys! I hope your weekend was a good one, and this week is even better! 


Our Weekend

Oh what a weekend it was! Friday we picked up Ian from the airport and all was good in our world. The kiddos and I slept so good that night.  Man, I missed sleep.

Saturday we took the kiddos to see Disney Jr. Live and it was so ridiculously cute.  So many girls were dressed in princess dresses and so many little pirates.  Mickey and Minnie started the show and Emma freaked out!  She was a happy girl who was dancing and clapping.  The show didn't keep her interest the whole time though, and during those moments she had a meltdown.  Oh goodness me, the tantrums she throws in public are so embarrassing.  I'm so glad it was dark and the show was loud so the people around us didn't see the back arching and screams going on.  Our favorite part of the show was Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  They interacted with the crowd, Tinker Bell made an appearance as did Peter Pan.  Max loved it all! Seeing their smiles....I love these kids so much.

Sofia the First

Jake and the Neverland Pirates

Emma getting her dance on.

Sunday Ian went to the Seahawks game.  It was pouring rain and windy out, so I wasn't too bummed that I watched the game from the comfort of our livingroom.  Baby A came to hang out with us while his Mama and Daddy went to the game as well.  His Daddy is a Packers fan, and Emeral is a Steelers fan, so she's obviously my fav.  I kid, I kid! Kind of. :) Hey, we bleed black and yellow over here, but I appreciate all fans.  Unless they are jerks.

Baby A and Emma were so cute together.  They reminded me of how Max was with his bff K back in Arizona.  They were chatting it up looking outside while it was raining. They chased each other around while screaming and laughing.  Then they sat by each other to take a drink break.  So. Flippin. Cute.

The Seahawks are going back to the super bowl, and Max is one happy Hawks fan.  I can't say the same for Baby A's Daddy or our friend, Spencer.  Sad. Face.

She knew I was taking pictures of them, and had to strike a pose. Silly girl .

Today Ian is home with us, and we're eating up all the time we've had with him since he got home. Hope you guys had a great weekend!


High Five for Friday

This week has been a good, but long week.  Ian has been in Philadelphia since Tuesday and comes home later today.  We've missed him tons.  Nights were rough.  Both kiddos didn't sleep well and there were tears.  I didn't sleep well, because there are always noises that scare the heck out of me.  Our neighbor likes to throw his trash at random times, and I know this, but when I hear a bump thump, it must mean someone is trying to break in.  I mean, who wouldn't want to break into a house with all the lights on?  Is that a dead giveaway that the wife is home alone?  Also why do scary movie commercials have to come on when it's late, dark, the kids are sleeping and I'm already a nervous wreck?  Thank goodness for ginormous cups of coffee.  All. Day. Long.

Let's get to it friends. My high five moments of the week:

1. When I couldn't sleep I started watching Jane the Virgin, and you need to stop what you are doing right now and go watch.  The show is so good.  The only problem I have is that Hulu has episodes 1-4 and then episode 9.  Where are 5-8?! I even went to CW and the samething there.  Where oh where can I find episodes 5-8?  Tell me please.

2. My cousin Janee is coming to visit me.  Happy dance!  Growing up she was like my sister.  We had the fights to prove it.  I'm so excited she's coming to spend her birthday with us, and we get to show her around Washington.   February can't come fast enough! 

I know, I was so tanned, and strong back in the day.  Oh, I can't wait to see my Huerita!

3. Max wore his jammies to school on Wednesday, and it was the cutest thing ever.  I'm pretty sure he would love to wear them every day to school.

4. Emma and I wore similar jammies the other night.  She would point at her jammies, then mine and say, "Staaa!" It was so sweet.  I see more matching in our future.  That's what the cool moms do right? 

5.  This happens tomorrow, but I know it's going to be worth many high fives.  We're taking the kiddos to the Disney Jr. Live Show with Jake and Sofia.  The. Kids. Are. Going. To. Freak.  It's a surprise, and I can't wait to see their faces!

Bonus for you lucky ducks.  One of my bffs opened up an Etsy Shop, MJ's Sparkle Shop.  When you use promo code MOMMYHOOD you'll get 10% off your purchase. (ends Jan. 31st)  Go. Now.

Happy Friday friends!  I hope you had a great week!


Wiggle Works

Today we went back to Wiggle Works, first thing this morning.  I thought it would be less busy, but there were still quite a few kiddos there having some wild fun.  Max was ready to let loose and burn some energy.  How these two have so much energy, I don't know, because they haven't been sleeping well at all.  I'm dragging, and want to drink coffee all day.

We were there for almost 2 hours, and the kiddos had some fun.  When it came time to leave though, Max was great.  Emma....oh Emma.  She made it known that she had no desire what so ever to leave.  She caused the most lovely scene.   She is already showing her "terrible twos", and she's not even two yet.

She already loves to throw shade. There was another little girl there named Emma, and every time her mom would call her name Emma would look at her.  She was one confused little girl. 

I'm so happy tomorrow is Friday.  So very happy.


Valentines Day Crafts

Valentine's Day is a month away, and I thought I would share some crafts to do with your little loves, by yourself and for the ones you love!

Anytime we paint, it's a good time.  Max loves it, and Emma...well she gets grossed out, but has fun with it.  I plan on making these cute little love bugs with them to add some lovely decor on our pantry doors.

I've done this craft with Max, and it was a huge success.  Emma needs to try her hand at making these cute hearts too.

This handprint craft was also on Pinterest and for the life of me, I can't find it.  I made this with Max and his bff K when we lived in AZ.

This craft is for me!  I've made two wreaths for our door to make our entry a little more festive, and I like the simplicity of this wreath.  The one I made looks like this!

This is super cute, and I think I'll make it for Ian this Valentine's Day.  He knows I love him, but I think it's sweet to share reasons why, and it goes both ways.  He can tell me all the reasons he loves me!

I've seen this artwork floating around Pinterest before and I love it.  It looks pretty easy to make yourself.  Of course, because I said that it's probably going to be a #pinterestfail.

One year for Valentine's Day I make pink heart pancakes for Max, and he wasn't a fan. He was 2, so I think he'll like it this time around!   I want to try something from this breakfast list.

As always you can find all these pins on my Valentine's Day board.  Happy crafting!