Boycotting Naps

Trying to get back into a routine after two weeks of fun is hard. work. Max woke up Monday morning in tears because Ian was at work. Emma has been boycotting naps, and I want to sit and just drink wine.  If only.   I have to say though, boycotting naps only makes for one angry, mean, somewhat violent, super sassy girl. 

One good thing about this week is that Max is back at school.  He was so excited to see his teacher and friends again.  Yesterday the sun was shining when I picked him up, so we found ourselves at the park.  One of his classmates also ended up there, and the look on their faces.  Pure joy.  His friend said, "I never see friends here unless it's a planned playdate!" They ran themselves wild for 45 minutes. Emma did her own thing, which included chasing ducks. 

Max and his friend were trying to make a sand castle, which really was a mud castle.  

They had to wet the already wet leaves to decorate their castle.  Only makes sense. 

Hopefully by the weeks end, we'll be back to some sort of routine, and Emma will be back to napping.  I hope.  I really, really hope. 


  1. If Emma ever needs another kid to join in her duck-chasing, my son would gladly participate. He's just a few weeks younger than her and has enough energy for a whole herd of elephants! Maybe they could wear each other out! Is that weird, to try to solicit possible play dates via a blog? Haha oh well. Too late now. I've been reading your blog since you were pregnant with Emma & I was pregnant with my son. We live in the same general area. I figured I might as well extend an invite. No pressure! It is just nice to make other friends who have kids too!

    Elise Layton

    1. I see a meet up at a certain park with animals that both are kiddos love in the future!

    2. Sounds like a plan! You can find me on Facebook if that's easier (Elise Layton). 😊