Currently: Max and Emma

Loving: playing with all his new toys he got for Christmas.  Puzzles have been a favorite, and he loves putting them together over and over again.
Watching: PBS Kids has been the front runner lately.  It goes back and forth between that and Disney Jr.  Peg + Cat and Sesame Street make him stop and watch.
Eating: He could eat mashed potatoes and rolls every day for dinner.  He had his first taste of them together after Christmas and it was love.  If I ask him what he wants he'll say, "Hmmm....how about you make some mashed potatoes and rolls?"
Saying: He loves saying how much he loves us with a number.  "I love you 989!" Sometimes if he's not a happy camper and feeling naughty he'll tell me, "I love you 1 Mommy." Sad. face.
Writing: Max loves writing all our names.  He'll write them down, chat it up to Emma about how he spells them, draw a picture of himself with spikey hair, ask me to add one heart and one star, and then call it a day with writing.

When I look at Max, it's hard to believe he's 4.  He's a great kid who loves to laugh, cause trouble, have fun, and tell you he loves you.  He's a total Daddy's boy and the relationship he has with Ian is so sweet.  He definitely wants to be like Daddy, but is also super competitive with him.  So cute and funny.

Loving: Destroying anything in her way, especially if it's something Max is playing with, building, or putting together.  She also loves dancing.  The girl is only 1, but she has moves.
Watching: Doc McStuffins or Sofia the First always get a point and shriek when she sees that it's on tv.
Eating: Well the girl loves food.  All food, but she loves her some beans and rice. She bypasses the spoon and uses her hands to scoop up the yummy goodness.
Saying: "No! No! Nooooooooo!" and she screams this loudly and thrashes her body all around.  Trying to get her into her carseat is a workout, because she fights it.  She also says, "I uv youuuu!" If a stranger says goodbye to her she'll say, "Bye bye, I uv you."  She can be super friendly when she wants to.
Writing: Whens she sees Max writing, she has to "write" too.  She scribbles everywhere but the paper, and baby babbles.

This girl.  She is one sassy girl.  She loves to play, run, flip her hair out of her eyes, carry her Minnie around, sing songs and dance.   She's the sweetest and loves to be by me all. the. time.  She loves to give kisses as much has she likes to hit.  Her laugh is contagious, and we all adore her so much.

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