Our Weekend

Friday Max and Emma wore their new shoes they got for Christmas and Max wanted to send a picture to Daddy.  

It was also a day of making puzzles.  Max is really into a puzzles and he got 4 new puzzles from Grandmom and Grandpa.  He made these all by himself and he was so proud.  Emma was happily near by trying to destroy his made puzzles.  

They got the floor piano from their Auntie Nicole, Uncle Cleo and the kiddos.  To say it's been a big hit is an understatement.  I've waited to put batteries in it, because I knew they would love it.  They've played it every day for the past three days.  I have to hide it so we can get some quiet, not so loud noise around here.  Thanks Auntie Nicole.  I owe you one noisy toy!

We went out and about yesterday, and this one was a diva.  She's only ONE so I can't even imagine how her divaness will be when she's older! Lord help me. 

We took the kiddos to Wiggle Works (after Emeral let me know there was one!)  to play their hearts out.  I took Max to one in Chicago when we went to a friends wedding, and he loved it.  Oh he still has a love for it, and Emma had a good time too.  It wasn't that great of an idea to take them on a Saturday, and if we go back it will definitely be during the week when there aren't so many kiddos. 

He was one tired boy.  I love how he crosses his leg, and holds his magazine. 

She was out too...so sweet.  That is until she woke up in the worst mood.  D.I.V.A.

The rest of the weekend included watching football, grocery shopping, and catching up on some laundry.  Fun stuff.  I'm looking forward to the week ahead.  Max is excited because he gets to wear pjs to school on Wednesday! Oh there will be pictures.

Happy Monday guys! 


  1. Aww! Such a great weekend! Love the cool shoes!

    1. Thanks Kelly! Hope you had a great weekend!