Oh man, the "terrible twos" are in full force over here.  Emma's tantrums are ridiculous.  We're at the park enjoying the sun, even though it was flipping cold.  We went for a walk to see the ducks and she got a little close to the end of the sidewalk.  I told her to scoot back so she doesn't fall into the water.  She looks at me and screams bloody high pitched murder.  She then falls to the ground continuing her high pitched screams.  Lord help me.  I calmly get her up. Tell Max it's time to go.  He looks at me, stomps his foot and tells me , "I'm not ready to go!"  All this while his friend H and his mama are watching.  I could melt into the ground embarrassed.  Before we even got to the park I told him we were staying for 30 mins.  I prepped him telling him that when I said it was time to go, his only reply would be, "Okay Mommy."  Fast forward to his stomping, Emma's crying and I just about lost it.  I wanted to throw my very own tantrum.

It's sad that the first person I thought of when I read this was NOT my 3 year old daughter!

We said goodbye to our friends, well I said goodbye.  Emma was still crying and Max was still stomping. I told Max he couldn't play hockey on the Playstation with his Daddy, because that's his most favorite thing to do.  I got him where it hurts, because you better believe he was the sweetest kid after that statement.  He thinks that if he showers me with his cuteness I'll forget what I told him. Not the case Mr. Max. Nice try.

I sooooo felt like this at swim lessons....and after seeing this, I now also feel validated. So thank you, anonymous creator.

Emma, oh sassy Emma.  She fell asleep within minutes, and I hope she wakes up in a better mood.  Is it too early to drink some wine???

Jackson had his first mini tantrum today. So this is hysterical lol

Oh and in case you were wondering, I know you were.  She woke up in the best bad mood ever...... I change my question to: Is it too early to drink a bottle of wine?


  1. Never too early! Some days are just like that!

  2. Lol I love the memes! Lee can throw a tantrum with the best of them. I am enjoying a glass of wine as I type this!


    1. I had to pick up Ian from work, so I enjoyed a glass after we got home.