The Park

The sun was trying to come out and play and the temperature was a brisk 44 degrees, and so we found ourselves at the park. I miss living across the street from this park. Seeing the view of the lake from our townhome was my favorite part about living there.  The sunsets...oh man. 

We saw the ducks and Emma shrieked in her high pitched voice,"Duck!" Max wanted to know if we could go pet them. 

When he grabbed her hand to walk, my heart wanted to explode. The. Sweetest. Moment. 

Max is saying "cheese!" and Emma girl is having a blast. Slides are only the greatest thing in the world. 

She went down the slide a handful of times and would laugh. 

Max went down the "bumpy" slide and was good with the one time. 

Max got his first piece of homework today at school. He has to write his name, and he's so excited. I'll be sure to share his work!

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