The View

We went to the Mariners FanFest this weekend.  It was a beautiful day.  The sun was shining!  There weren't that many people there at first, so we were able to play catch in the outfield, hit some baseballs, and run the bases with no long lines.  

We "ran" the bases, which really was walking because people were stopping to take pictures and chat it up.  We took some action shots to keep the lines moving! 

First base!

We took the same picture last year.  

Max had so much fun at the FanFest!  He probably could have stayed all day.  Emma had fun, but she couldn't do any of the activities, because she's still too young.  So she had some tantrums when she saw Max having tons of fun.  Next year she'll be able to participate more!

After Ian took us to a surprise place.  We ended up at Kerry Park, and it was absolutely beautiful. The neighborhood itself was gorgeous, and then we saw this view.  

I will never get tired of seeing this view.  

We ended our night with watching Ian play hockey.  He got a hat trick!  Max was so excited, and Emma had fun running around like a wild animal.  She made friends with an older boy (3). He kept playing with her hair and trying to hug her.  She wanted none of it, and her sassy self would flip her hair, hold up her hand and yell, "NO!" 

Today Max has no school and Emma has a cold.  We definitely have a case of the Mondays. 


  1. Amazing view! It was such a nice weekend with all the sunshine! Of course we all have colds now too. Is it Friday yet? :)


  2. How fun! Gosh, your babies are so so adorable!

    1. Thanks lady! They grow so fast! I can't believe your little miss is crawling!