Weekly Love

Happy Friday friends!  I thought I'd share some things that the kiddos and I are loving this week.  

This mashup of Taylor Swift's songs Style/Blank Spaces is so good!   I can't wait to see TSwift in concert. I'll probably be the oldest one among all the little screaming girls, but I'm okay with that.  I can scream with the best of them.  I've gone to my share of concerts that required some loud screams. NSYNC (Loudest of screams), NKOTB (I was with the husband, so I didn't scream.  I did however enjoy watching all the other ladies acting crazy.) The All American Reject (First concert I went to with Ian, and I may have screamed a little.)  John Mayer (College days. I saw him 3 times, twice Maroon 5 opened for him, best concerts ever. Ever.Well...before his manwhore ways came out.)  This got way off topic. Watch the mashup, and love it. 

Parenthood came to an end last night, and I'm so sad.  I won't give away any spoilers, but I will say it ended perfectly.  Most shows finales you either love or hate.  This one...man I just loved it.  I was watching it when the kids went to sleep and Ian was working.  I was crying and he made some comments.  So rude husband.  He also called it "just a show"  Umm...excuse me?!  They are the Bravermans.  He just doesn't understand.  If you haven't watched, have Kleenex.  I plan on rewatching it so I can have the proper ugly cries. 


You know that I love reading blogs.  I probably read way too many.  This one did a "Day in the Life" post yesterday.  I love those types of posts, and she has the best coffee mug I've ever seen.  I want it!

Max and Emma love this book series.  My sister in law introduced us to it, and since then I've gotten the kiddos each book as it comes out.  I can't wait to give them the Valentine's Day Book.   

Max and Emma also have a new love for this movie, and Max says he wants a dog just that in the movie.  I'll have to show them cartoon soon, because I think they'll enjoy it a lot more. 

We found a frozen yogurt place close to our house while Ian was away on a business trip.  It's our new favorite spot!  Both kiddos were so excited, and they played good music while you enjoy your yogurt.  Emma was dancing up a storm.  

Enjoy your weekend!  


  1. 1. Nsync was my first concert!!! <3 2. Sad about Parenthood ending tooo!