Wiggle Works

Today we went back to Wiggle Works, first thing this morning.  I thought it would be less busy, but there were still quite a few kiddos there having some wild fun.  Max was ready to let loose and burn some energy.  How these two have so much energy, I don't know, because they haven't been sleeping well at all.  I'm dragging, and want to drink coffee all day.

We were there for almost 2 hours, and the kiddos had some fun.  When it came time to leave though, Max was great.  Emma....oh Emma.  She made it known that she had no desire what so ever to leave.  She caused the most lovely scene.   She is already showing her "terrible twos", and she's not even two yet.

She already loves to throw shade. There was another little girl there named Emma, and every time her mom would call her name Emma would look at her.  She was one confused little girl. 

I'm so happy tomorrow is Friday.  So very happy.

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