I read Rachel's currently post and wanted in on the fun.  Linking up with Jenna and Anne!

Anticipating: Valentine's Day.  We have a babysitter booked and we're going on a fancy smancy dinner date.  Date nights are a priority for Ian and I this year.  Finding a babysitter is hard, and most of our friends here live by their families...lucky ducks. So hopefully this sitter will be amazing and she'll be our sitter forever and always.

Pinning: Oh Pinterest you sucker me in all. the. time.  I'm a pinning addict.  We have a pallet in our garage and I really want to do some art craft with it to hang in our house. It's been in the garage just looking at me, begging me to do something with it.

Eating: LaraBars.  I was recently introduced to these, and man they are good.  I love to throw them in the diaper bag or my purse to have an easy snack when I get hungry out and about.

Reading: Rereading 50 Shades of Grey.  The movie comes out next week, I plan on seeing it.  Judge if you must, but Mr. Grey's story is a good one.  I've also been reading a ton of kids books, because storytime is our favorite time of day around here.

Loving:  Looking at pictures with Max.  We looked at pictures for over an hour the other night.  He loves seeing himself as a baby.  He's starting to ask how a baby gets in your belly.  We told him babies are gifts from God, and he asked, "But how does a baby get in your belly?"  Quietness.

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