DIY Candy Less Valentines

When I was in school and even teaching candy=Valentine's Day.  You would pick out your favorite Valentine's Day cards at the store, attach a lollipop or some sort of candy, and a heart sticker.  Bam! Your friend was going to be happy. Now some schools or classes request no candy.  My chocolate loving heart is sad, but I do like that my kiddo won't go to school, eat lots of candy and come home all sugared up.  So instead of candy centered valentines I had to think of something else, and something still fun.

Emma and I were at Target and I found a bunch of crayons on clearance.  Score! I bought them all up, and then came home and looked on Pinterest (of course) for a DIY valentine involving crayons.  I came across this pin and it was settled.

northwest lovelies: Color Your Heart Out Valentines! - printable

My top 5 favorite candy-less Valentines

Less Ordinary Designs: FREE PRINTABLE: Have a ball! Valentines bag topper.
What kiddo doesn't love a bouncy ball?

Love Bug Jar via Dandee Designs - another great "candy-less" Valentine - Cute idea to give instead of candy. - Pam
Perfect for any bug loving kid. Max would love this!
He has a fake spider that is his prize possession from
Chuck E Cheese.  He hides the darn thing to scare us.

3. From Delia Creates
Glow sticks.  Do I need to say more?  Anything that glows
is pretty much awesome to my kiddos.

looking good valentines! candy-less valentine idea for kids to take to school.
Seeing Max in these glasses...I die. So cute.

5. From Bella Ella
Boy Personalized Car Valentine's Card- I Wheelie like you Happy Valentine's Day-DIY Printable. $5.00, via Etsy.
Max got a valentine similar to this a couple years ago, and he
was beyond excited.  Boy love cars, so you can't go wrong
if you have a car loving boy in your household.  

What valentines will your little love be taking to school?  Do you like the idea of valentines being candy free?  Don't forget you can find all these ideas and much more pinned on my Valentine's Day Board!  Also, Ian if you're reading this, I still want candy with my valentine.

PS (do people still do this?) Don't forget about my giveaway.


  1. Great ideas! I am doing bubbles for Hallie's play group!

  2. Evan is gonna send oranges with little notes that say "Orange you glad we are friends?" Too cute.

    1. So cute! I think moms get into making the valentines more than the kiddo. I know I do!! Haha!