Emma's First Haircut

Emma was born with lots of hair.  When she was about 6 months I had to trim the little rat tail she had growing, because rat tails just aren't cool.  They never were cool.  I tried cutting her bangs when she was 11 months, and well....that didn't go too well.  So I guess the better title for this post would be Emma's First Professional Haircut.

I took her to get her haircut after we dropped off Max at school.  I thought for sure she would be moving around nonstop and being her diva self.  From the moment she sat in the chair, she was a perfect little girl.  She listened to the nice lady doing the cutting, and followed her directions of looking which ever direction she needed her to look.  I was a giggling mess the entire time, because she looked so cute and so serious.  She definitely earned herself a lollipop!

When we got home I straightened it to see what it looked like.  Oh. My. Gosh.   She looks like such a big girl with her haircut and bangs.

How old was your kiddo when they got their first haircut?

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