Making a Festive Wreath

You all know my new found love for making wreaths.  Maybe you don't.  Well, I love making wreaths!  Emma and I went to Target today and we were browsing the $1 bins, and I saw the wooden wreaths (They were $3.).  I grabbed one right up, because I knew I was going to make a wreath for St. Patrick's Day.  I should have grabbed two, but I didn't. Fail.  They also have really cute banners for the holidays coming up.  I found a cute one with light and dark green shamrocks.  I couldn't wait to get home to start crafting up my festive wreath.  Emma luckily fell asleep on the way home and she napped the entire time I was busy hot glueing away.

What you'll need:
-Any type of wreath that you'd like
-Festive decorations (I also added a "W" that  I took off my Fall wreath.)
- Hot glue gun  

Before I hot glue anything down, I like to place the decorations on the wreath to see what I think looks best.  The banner was on a green ribbon, so I carefully took off the shamrocks.  I planned to use the green ribbon as well.  Once I had the shamrocks where I wanted them, I then went back and hot glued those suckers to the wreath.  I also burned the hell out of my fingers three times.  Ouch.  I added the "W" and then wrapped the green ribbon around the wreath to give it some extra pop.  

I really find making my own wreaths fun, and it's way cheaper to make your own!

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