When Emma and I left for NM I was nervous with flying with her.  She is a diva, and screams bloody murder when things don't go her way.  I was already picturing her meltdown on the plane.  When we got on the plane the seat next to us stayed open the whole way to Albuquerque. Happy dance! Then I gave Emma a little pep talk.  When I asked her if she was going to be a good girl on the flight she gave me a quick and sweet,  "No."  Luckily for me and everyone else on the plane she was asleep before we even took off!!  She was awake the last 30 minutes of our flight, and she was happy.  Thank goodness! 

We flew by Mt. Rainier.

This was on our way to Vaughn.  The sky looked so pretty.  When we landed in Albuquerque, it was so brown.  It felt weird being back.  I hadn't been there since 2006, when we went for a friends wedding.  Driving to Vaughn was like a trip down memory lane, because my mom and I use to drive it when I was little.  So many times.  I was a sentimental mess seeing things that I use to see when I was little.  I also ate an Allsups burrito, which if you've ever had one you know just how good they are.  Mmmmm. 

While in Vaughn I was able to see my cousin, Ara, who I haven't seen in years.  I had seen her over Skype when we chatted on the phone, but in person I think the last time I saw her I was 14 or 15.  It was nice to be able to talk and catch up.   

Emma met her cousin, Josiah, for the first time.  She was one shy little girl. I can't get over how much Josiah looks like his mama!

Back in Las Cruces Emma was having a blast playing on Grandmom's iPad.  Normally it's Max who get to play on it and have all the fun. The way she crosses her little legs was so cute. 

On the way back home I was able to see Mount St. Helens.  It was pretty cool!  The flight back we had a layover in Vegas, which wasn't bad at all.  From Vegas to Seattle the flight was packed.  Emma slept most of the way.  She woke up as we were descending into Seattle and she was loving seeing the water and other planes. 

While we were in Vaughn, my cousin, Janee, told me she had something for me.  She was suppose to come visit me this week, but it was her Dad that passed away.  She had read the post where I talked about wanting to get a tattoo to remember the baby we lost.  She bought me this necklace to remember our baby.  It's so perfect, and it hangs right by my heart.  I love it, and I love her for thinking of me. 

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